A New Year

Hello friends, 

wish you a healthy and prosperous new year. Like everyother blog post or Facebook message, I have also thought of boiling this all down to what I have gained this year and the immense loss that came along with it.

2017 was lively, brighter and a reality check for me. I chose a few and lost many. I grew up or was forced to grow up because of the situation.

I started reading novels and indeed I will go through all the recommendations one by one.( Sorry that I am a very slow reader)

Life is ironically still happening to us all. Stress, fear, love, hardship everything has been mixed together and presented to me in a platter.  From a point of ecstatic feeling, I have been down a few road blocks.

This year, I experienced spring different from any other previous ones. It brought glow, happiness and freshness in the environment that made it cheerful and something to look forward to. 

As the ear had ended, the winter lay storming through the night.(not really stormy but it was chily and shivering like cold) ;P Cold and windy as it blew and continuous to blow through out the night.

So, 2017 came to an end and it’s just a begining.i  feel that 2018 is something to look forward for. Hence, I  chose to sit in a rollercoaster ride though not a wise decision but it’s still worth a try.

Interesting fact

Interesting fact: Today i.e. 3 December 2017 which is a supermoon day. The moon will appear about 14% bigger.

On 1 January 2018 and 31 January 2018 , we will be having full moon days. Since, the second one is also occuring in the same month. The second one will be called blue moon. Not only this, a fun fact also with this is that the blue moon is falling on the day of eclipse so it will be appearing red. Hence, it would be called red bluemoon.


I love you too darling…I have had alot of memorable moments that I can look back to. You have and will be an inspiration for me. Thanks for writing this whole blog on me. I just cannot put the happiness or satisfaction I feel just be reading this. You have always been there for me and I know that whatever life may have saved up for me..I can just depend on you blindly 😅😘😘…I love you too…much more than you can imagine 😘

Life Simplified

Just a few nights ago, I had this sudden urge to talk to my sister but due to us being in different time zones, I couldn’t. I decided to scroll through social media pages where I came across different memes and posts that reminded me of how my younger sister might’ve felt about me. From idolising me to stealing my clothes or even missing me and so on. But I couldn’t find an article or a meme that expressed a feeling that I, as an elder sibling might’ve felt and wanted to share. This made me realise that although we did have our moments, I hadn’t really acknowledged or appreciated the beauty of the bond between us.

So, I have decided to dedicate today’s post to my sister. I want to thank her for everything, for being there. Thank you, love, for being my best friend all this while! Thank you for…

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Weekend plans

Hello Everyone, how have you all been?

As for me, northern part of India is getting cold. Actually it’s the outset of winter. So, it’s pretty obvious that it will be cold. Anyway coming back to my thoughts.

What I feel is going to be my perfect weekend pleasure is to pamper myself and indulge in my sinful cravings of food. I know this got a lot of approval by most of you readers out there. I do agree that food is the perfect solution for all the unthinkable or thinkable problems that are out there.

But, not going there and again telling you about my perfect weekend plan. Apart from the above stated bucket-list idea is to sit quietly in my room.

A perfect get away with a warm mug of coffee/tea, fairylights that are there in my room, a book interesting one (do suggest me if you have any in your mind; I have got the Kindle, yuppy) and just this.

This is the topmost best weekend getaway that I wish to have and would be accomplishing this weekend itself. But, then there are other ways too🤔 that would be going out alone on a date with myself. I will surely do that next week😂
I know this sounds kind of silly, but now that we are in such a fast paced world. A few moments for yourself would never do you harm. Yes, this reminds me yoga is also a need now for a peaceful and not sooo stressful existence. So, yes we need to work hard and be satisfied with the way we are. 

This was just my way of telling you that I will take an initiative towards myself. Maybe reding this up can give out the same boost to do this for yourself.

Think about it and obviously, keep reading and commenting.😂

Drenched in my agony

 Drenched in the agony 

I sailed my boat

To a peaceful place that they said was home

Hindered by wind and rain and storm
I set my boat sailing strong

 North star guided me fair

My next kin gave me death stare

It was brutal

It was the brutus

That changed my life into a  topsy way
It claimed priorty

And I was in search of superiority

Hence, I chose to steer the boat my way

But now it’s drowned and got drenched away
Hence, I lay on a log admist the sea

For an SOS messeage reply made my way

Therefore, I say here that I am

Drenched in my own agony

As and when I  tried to sail the boat that was mine once my way

Conscience ?

By dwelling in the past or present, are we gambling for our futures? 

There is always our conscience knocking the air out of our lungs but is this what makes us make sound decisions?

I wonder how far logic takes us as my understanding is that logic is a push that is there to an extent but what really matters is how we go beyond it… whether we are capable of taking the leap of faith..because if we are not then the consequence of it is that we fail but we fail to be the best or do our best.. this is my opinion and this is my stand…beyond this I myself haven’t thought about 😅..

So what do you think?

My Sister as my support 😚

I am happy. Happy after a long time. Happy not because all my not so perfect moments have come to an end.  It is not so. To put it into words, is weird. As it is just a feeling. A Feeling that I have encountered after a long time. 

I have in the past, looked down upon myself, had a phase of self pitying myself and much more. But, whatever it was. I am sure that I still have long way before I completely walk away from it 

I will surely work hard throughout the path. I was lucky enough to have my sister as a companion during this creepy phase of mine. Who seems unaffected by all my crazy tactics or ideas. She makes me a better person, she makes me sing loudly in public, dance to any favourite song being played anywhere in a mall  and acknowledge and accept the kind of clothes that may  suit me without making me conscious about people.

You all may think  that I am usually talking about one person or the other. Well, it is true that I do this alot. But another truth is that all these people are so much involved in my life that I can’t have a story where any of these individuals don’t play a part. They are the main characters of my life plot and the return of my sister in my life has resulted in a positive manner for me.
Making  me guess that she is one of the essential contributing factors for my happiness. 🙂

A day from my life

“Placements are starting, I am so excited” she squealed before me. It was a usual state of affairs for me. Since childhood, I have seen her being crazely engrossed in school activities and music. I have known her for the past 13 years and we have become inseparable now.

She is crazy, innocent and one of her kind. The topper of our group and the most loved amongst us. Amazingly, she knows all the right chords that she needs to strike to change my mood and more often than I can imagine, she get on my nerves with ease.

 Yesterday, I crashed at her place unannounced. This was our usual set of affairs and was amazed that this crazy girl had already woke up and was engrossed in her book so much so that she didn’t know of my arrival. 5 minutes were already up when I hear her say “tu agyi” (you came) and I just gave her my classic look to state the obvious. She spaces out easily.

Now that she had me in front of her. She just forgot the book that she was holding so dearly just a few seconds ago and makes short talks with me. Until I remind her what all she had to do and how conveniently she had forgot about them.

Soon, I had to take my leave and go home. So, I take my bag and start leaving. When suddenly I find this study companion of mine also wearing shoes to leave along with me. She just says.. I don’t want to leave you so I will walk you till your home.😂

I scowl and pass a comment that she needs to study. But the words go unattended to. Thus I find us, walking from her place to mine. A short 10 minutes walk. I comment on how excited she is for her placements and she will do great. 

That is when she starts talking about being nervous and happy and scared at the same time. She explained me of the emotions that she was feeling. These emotions were the reason that force us to be on our toes. The emotions that make you live and cherish your achievements. She just put her heart out, throughout the walk of ours expecting me to say something or her feeling relieved. But, even after telling e everything when she couldn’t get her mind around it. I decided to tell her about us.

 one of the best memory that we could relate to the most. A trip to Chandrasheela and reaching the summit.

 All those emotions, the doubts, the uncertainties became short lived, once we made the first effort and stood up to what we believe. It helps us to gain our confidence and makes one believe in himself.

Internet: a sick place?

Has the internet become a sick place?

Who decides what is acceptable, what constitutes to be an act of bully?

The law is at place and the regulators try their best to keep up the code and conduct around us. But to what extent can anyone act as one.

The silver lining between a bully and appreciation has disappeared in thin air.

There is no real distinction left anymore.

You all may wonder what prompts me to say this suddenly. Well, the reason is a person is getting game for singing badly. She is getting game in a manner that can be considered as being bullied in usual course of living.

Yet this is acceptable by people.not only those who act as mean or un-understanding individuals but from also those who like to keep an high air about themselves. I have also been one of these obsessed kind.

Till now, I didn’t realise that the act done by me and many like me constitutes to bullying.bullying a person who virtually expressed their emotions doesn’t make sense.

If it is bad it is bad. But, making memes, Making the other person a laughing stock. Isint justified.

I wonder when we all would become responsible enough or take up the task to set a standard manner for such purpose .

What do you think about this? Do you agree with me? If no why or if yes then reasons.

Cruel games of destiny. :P


The word itself makes you ponder about all your decisions in life. It makes me wonder, about the path I have traveled so far, what all roads I did not take while reaching the present position that I am in.

Was it all Destiny playing its cruel game? or is it still continuing to play one?

I am confused about what it is doing and how much I am webbed into it. I never believed in destiny till now but like every other person, I have held my share of doubts.

A person who is stuck in a crossroad may choose a path in that moment. But, I wonder does that make him go through a predestined path or not is debatable. I believe that to some extent it does. For example, if a person in 12 takes up Biology. As soon as he makes such a decision, he will be engulfed and absorbed into the world of medical. He has to crack the medical test. He has to study to be a doctor or a nurse or such medical assistance. Can’t we call it destined for some extent?WHATEVER IT MAY BE,

Though it is a general phenomenon, due to which exceptions mostly accompany the. BUT, WHATEVER IT MAY BE, This example of mine was indeed superficial but it just touched upon the reality of destiny. Beyond a point, it is us who create destiny.

We make choice and indeed a path is laid down but what we conveniently forget herein is that while thinking about destiny we need to consider its aspects with the reality we see as well.

I know I made a lot of changes in my original reality. I have chosen so much so far that I have changed the destiny lots of times. So, it takes me to the ironic question, as to what if the number of choices I make is also pre-destined. Acting in a vicious circle manner and considering what really destiny is and how pivotal in for everyone.


so what is your opinion herein? Is the concept of “destiny” real? Is everyone destined to do something, be something and be with someone?