As I try to see down the memory lane, my mind gets clogged with some of the peaceful experiences  that I encountered. I have visited many places but the one closest to my heart is ‘my Home’ itself.  There is no place that can replace my home. I love the fragrance of hot food being prepared by mom, excited barks of my pet, the funny arguments with dad and the hustle bustle of daily life. These ‘not so special moments’ justify my existence. They make me believe in a reason beyond senses and without any logic. I am not claiming that family trips aren’t fun, on the other hand, I love them too. But, when the clock strikes at midnight I always want my fluffy bed and the warmth of my room to engulf me.

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Stranded amongst the unknown:

Days where my diary doesn’t miss me. Not so good days is all about bragging about it.When I think Life of a non-social butterfly can be predictive. But, being a one is exhaustive.Trying to find balance.I have ended up somewhere in between. I don’t need pretentious people around me. I just need one soul who understands me.   I need a friend who believes in me. For who I am and what I’ll be.