Cap to think: Series motivation

As I compliment myself with back to back episodes of a great series of ‘The Good Wife’. I am left wondering how vulnerable can one portray oneself to be in the competitive world. It’s like everyone is judging you  and thinking about themselves at every second of their lives. For the first time, I have religiously followed and watched all episodes of the series which though slow in the starting gathered its pace on later stages.

All seasons left some food for thought and left me thinking and wanting some more. Overall it is an interesting series but the extent of politics shown in the series shocked my conscience, it left me wondering about what world will I be facing in near future and how a person like me lead a life without a tear shedding from my eyes. Does this mean I have to be cold hearted or simply selfish? I don’t know what to imagine. But according to my friends the politics in The Good wife is still better when we compare it with other series which is much more intense such as Scandal or most people’s favourite Game Of thrones. I would like to know from all the individuals reading this post to take their time and share their opinion about the not yet earthed horizons out there and how it may effect you me everyone out there as an individual. Whether the present world is making us into cold hearted robots or simply money machines or we are good the way we are?