Shame the culprit

Is ignorance really a bliss? Or turning blind eye towards a happening is the only way to survive in this world?

Rape is a heinous crime. I don’t understand why someone needs to force anyone to have a sexual intercourse. Isn’t there something called consent? Why a country known for it’s traditions have people who are doing this heinous crime. I am not saying that it should happen elsewhere.But, when will the line be drawn. When will it stop. Disgusted that rapist exist. We need to shame them😡😡 and give stringent punishments to anyone who stoops so low to commit such a crime😑😥😡

Handwriting Tag :P :)

Hello, Guys!

The Handwriting Tag is here . 😛 😛 I was tagged by an amazing blogger Deboleena. You should definitely check her out @

This fun tagging game has a simple rule that is to write down what is told down below on a piece of paper and take a picture and post it. The rules are:

1. Write your name.
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3. Write: The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog
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I would like all of you to try this out too :*

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Truly admirable😆

What is admiration?

I really wonder, what its true significance is in our lives and how we associate our ever changing idea of admiring someone or something. It seems just as if it was yesterday, when I used to admire the beauty of rain but now it’s in the distant past. My admiration for it changed quite suddenly as I gradually started falling under the weather. The beautiful rain, the lovely romantic rain, the ‘I am at peace because of this rain’ feelings went down the drain and oh I am Ill due to it overcame me. I felt that rain was making the atmosphere  gloomyand  sad. But, as my judgment was about to be passed among my friends regarding this wonderful thing, I don’t know what led to the realisation  that what we feel or admire is all about how healthy we are  at that moment. If I have to compare this, It is like treating you with a yummy hot chocolate fudge ice cream just after you had the heaviest meal of your life. You will obviously love to have it but the admiration towards it won’t be as much as you wish to have. This prompted me to just get my health back and drink as many hot beverages as possible to get back my lost health.😄😁😁

Blogger award <3 :)

sunshine-blogger-award1.jpgHey, guys!

My first nomination for the Sunshine blogger’s award <3. This is the very first time that I have been nominated for any such blogging award :p .I am grateful to be nominated for this amazing award by Deboleena, who is an amazing blogger herself. She is a very sweet person and well, reading her blogs gave me the confidence to be regular in my posts as well.  You all should definitely check out her blog @

Thanks a lot @Deboleena Biswas for nominating me. ❤ (I am so so excited. I tried to post this as soon as I saw your post 🙂 )

Well, before I proceed towards nominating other great bloggers. I will take my time and answer these question posed to me by my lovely blogger friend, Deboleena.

  1. What is life to you?

Life to me is to keep things simple. It means getting scared as hell but still having the courage to face up to difficulties in our lives. I still haven’t seen the real troubled world yet. But, I wish to be content with whatever I have and to remain the way I am. Caring for everyone who is close.

2.How do you imagine yourself in the next 10 years?

I imagine myself to be in a cool house with the window opening towards an amazing scenery and achieve the same through my hard earned money due to being a badass lawyer. 😛

3. 5 people you will always want in life?

I wish that I am always surrounded by :

  1. My lovely pet, fluffy ❤ he is love.
  2. My parents, they are amazing people
  3. My sister, she is my best friend
  4. My friends, @muskan, @shonali, @Priya and @kriti
  5. all the loved ones who care for me (I am slightly selfish :P)








Now, it’s my opportunity to nominate others. I hope I don’t miss out any of the bloggers’ names and feel free to answer the questions I have asked even if I forgot to mention your names here.

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    All of you are amazing bloggers and have an amazing personality. Thus, following the tradition of other nominees. I would like to ask the following questions for my nominees to answer. I hope you enjoy answering them.

  1. what is your favourite stress-busting activity except blogging :P?
  2.  Who all are your 5 am friends?
  3.  Which place is your dream destination?
  4.  What is home for you?

So, thats it from my side.Hope you all liked my answers and feel free to answer the questions even if I forgot to nominate you and lastly, I hope you enjoy answering to all my questions. :* ❤ ❤ ❤

@Deboleena thanks a million for considering me worthy enough for the sunshine blogger nominee. :*





Expect the unexpected?😅😏

The world is innovating every moment and so is our way of thinking. Well, not to make you all think too much on these lines. I will tell a funny experience that I had today and along with it tell you what we were meant to construe from it and how we ended up doing exactly different.

So, I had a lecture in relation to my BBA degree in which a group discussion (gd)was being conducted.Though, I do speak in gd’s but I have never been an initiator myself. So my teacher, she walks into the class with a big smile and Twinkle in her eyes and decided to start the gd. 

She said out loud”before we start this gd its worth mentioning to you all that this is a discussion that had taken place for recruitment for some business company.” Well, half of the lot was excited about speaking so the whole class was having pin drop silence and then she started. The first topic given to us was “virgin”. Ohh! You should have heard the laughter in our claclaas mention earlier, me the non-initiator thought I should bring a change in my attitude and thus, I should start this discussion. I knew the word and well, so there I was speaking about how much this term is given importance in patriarchal society and how feminist my approach is. I think, I and few of my friends were unstoppable at that moment and as the time passed, the whole class joined the discussion. Well, as surprising as it sounds we were all very participative. I still don’t know how the time flew by and the class was just about to  end in a couple of minutes. When all of a sudden, our teacher raised her voice to gather our attention smiled politely at us and said none of you would be recruited. Confused and offended by this , all of us asked for the reason in unison and the reply was quite unexpected. She said that when I asked you all about virgin, I had never said anything related to virginity or social taboos, you all were supposed to talk about virgin markets,virgin oil or anything related to business. The whole class of pursuing law students got played by a BBA/MBA teacher and then, off she went with the wicked smile and all of us still thinking   about how bad we all got played.😁


Late late late

Mornings are usually spent with hustle bustle. Trying to get over with dily routine and at the same time making to college in time. The traffic, the tension, the attendance is all that goes on in the back of your mind. Well, it seems not long ago I was having a good morning till reality of it hit me really hard. The damn traffic made me late for my class and I couldn’t do anything. I so wish to get a concession now and then for the unimaginable and unavoidable issues that make us late for a class. Here I am sitting in the canteen and contemplating how things would have been different if I was just able to make it 2-3 minutes before 


It’s amazing how words have a way with everything. join a few words a sentence is formed. You can hurt someone easily with the each choice of words and at the same time it can be the key to brightening up someone’s smile. It is said words once said are more dangerous than knives and swords. I am also an ‘I will say first and think later’ kind of person. I have hurt some people way more than they deserved and have said harsh words to the closest people in my life. My choice of words usually put me in a crisis situation since it’s tough to mould the words once they are out in the open. Some had said try to concentrate it helps to control, some said yoga a few of them even suggested backward counting from 10 to 0. Nothing worked and I couldn’t change much. Till,a recent situation made me go through the ordeal myself. I had believed a friend more than I should have and well she knew how to play with the words. I realised that there is something which hurts more than a sharp tongue. The words which have no genuine feelings behind them being used. Have you ever been in a position where all you expect a person your “I know you from in and out” friend to start just pretending? You feeling that everything has changed and yet you wish to go back in time. If you haven’t then you have been from the lucky lot. Choose your friends carefully. If you have gone through a similar situation I know how hard it was to let it go. I am still confused and lost track of the number of times I have thought about what she may be thinking to just forget the friendship we had. I was judged for everything I did and there was a moment where I really felt maybe I was on the wrong side. It may seem a petty issue but I have always given my friends my top most priority. Till, one day I heard her talking that everything she ruined till now was only because the boyfriend of hers didn’t approve her to do anything. I would have appreciated her feelings if she felt this way. But, her boyfriend had no role to play in our friendship. I am not a relationship expert but isn’t a relationship about supporting and not ruining friendships or did she really never deserved this friendship.

PS: the wrong I mentioned are basically spending time, street shopping, having drinks once in a while and other petty issues.:/

PPS: Her boyfriend dislikes street shopping :/

Overthinking overload :P

I have always wondered and spent most of my teen years as many other teens do wondering about the why and whats of our lives. To really ponder about what is life? Why do I exist? What is the purpose in my life? Sometimes, It so had happened that the same thoughts followed me to my bed.

These elusive thoughts have bugged me for so long and not knowing the correct answer made it even more difficult and cumbersome to think about. When there are things that always nag you no matter how much you try to divert your mind.

I have not yet found an answer to these question and as much as I spend time on it. It just gets complicated. Thus, It led me to conclude all these elusive thoughts and just be at peace with it. Well, it was on one fine crazy thinking sprees where I was trying to understand the purpose and idea behind living vary according to each individual. For me, the meaning of my life may be brought in by helping others, making someone smile everyday or for some individuals it may even vary to another extreme of this altogether. They may find their well-being as of topmost priority and not care about others. thinking about this led me to understand only one thing clearly was that, In the end, all that matters is for us to live our lives on​ our own terms and not regret any decisions that we make in our lives. Even, if it turns to be the worst decision taken by you. If you live up with the terms of it going right. You will know your place and purpose in life.

Had I known

Had I known what stay in store for me

I wouldn’t have tried

Had I known what lay ahead of me

I would have fought
We always tend to wonder various ways we could have changed our past

Make it, break it or even bend the tale
Had I known what lay in store

I wouldn’t have tried or made an effort

I wish I could have worked more
They said be the change what you expect to see

I tried to do that I tried to be that

But I ended upeven worse than before
They had been mean, I was just me

The only wrong I did was to bring a change

Why should I be hurt to help them

Is it just me who wishes to transform

Can’t I just let it be
Why should I make effort for all

I wish I could change and just wish that

Had I known what stay in store for me

I wouldn’t have tried

GOOD old days :) :)

Well! Today all I did was ponder about how time flies by and all we do is just wonder how it went by too fast. Generally, everything gives you some time to adjust but time itself is such a powerful tool that it itself doesn’t  let you be prepared for it to change. The small old CLOCK on the wall is the same, its needles are the same, the motion that it takes is also the same but at the same time, it is so so different.

It seems as if it was just days ago that I lived a carefree school life and the only tension that I ever used to get was about my exams or wishing that my teacher is absent on a particular day.  With the start fo my college life, it seems the responsibilities have increased manifolds.  I wish to achieve big goals in my life and adding on to the will to succeed has also increased due the expectations of my parents. My room has changed, my school has changed everything is changing. But ironical enough, the CLOCK still remains such a useful part of us as it was years ago. Giving us such a huge lesson in life about time healing everything and how the precious time just passes by.

-Scribledree 🙂