Change is eternal

Its honestly weird to be of this golden generation who has been part of traditional no technology related childhood to our present technosavy existalce. I agree that change is eternal, we are all aware of it already. But does that always mean we can adopt it and adapt to such an environment. I still remember, my school when I was back in my 8th grade where we had to give utmost respect to teacher, not interfere in their personal affairs, have no idea about their meaning of fun and so on and so forth. But still since the advent of this technological era, I am able to witness this gap to shorten each day making me understand as to how human it is that we can read their jokes, see their PDA’s and not mind any of it.I am not against any of the PDA but it’s hard to mix two things that were considered too distinct but in reality they aren’t.

P.S didn’t proof-read it just wanted to share my thoughts


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