Have you ever thought of the lies that entangle ur being?
Making you confident or just doubt your feeling
It was a long long time when I would just ponder about all the why's 
I just wished to justify ?

I tried hard to learn from others
Gain the knowledge of their arts and excel their skills
I try to be them when I'm me
Still, end up confused what I wished to be
I'm a child still learning
Pace of age has fastened but my understanding is slowing 

Have you felt the same that only the other one is growing
I hold on to everything so dearly
But time is my rival 
Makes me fight to hold onto a feeling
When I feel like the sand is falling out of my hand
And I am standing grieving all the while

Have you ever thought what makes you stronger
Since I try hard to know what I'm good at
My skills are unbelievable
All the time I just choose to fret
I falter all the time
But it's amazing, how I feel am good at anything that other's are trying

Is it me or is this all normal why do I feel that I am learning yet be
 standing at a place I have all along been standing😅

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