Overthinking overload :P

I have always wondered and spent most of my teen years as many other teens do wondering about the why and whats of our lives. To really ponder about what is life? Why do I exist? What is the purpose in my life? Sometimes, It so had happened that the same thoughts followed me to my bed.

These elusive thoughts have bugged me for so long and not knowing the correct answer made it even more difficult and cumbersome to think about. When there are things that always nag you no matter how much you try to divert your mind.

I have not yet found an answer to these question and as much as I spend time on it. It just gets complicated. Thus, It led me to conclude all these elusive thoughts and just be at peace with it. Well, it was on one fine crazy thinking sprees where I was trying to understand the purpose and idea behind living vary according to each individual. For me, the meaning of my life may be brought in by helping others, making someone smile everyday or for some individuals it may even vary to another extreme of this altogether. They may find their well-being as of topmost priority and not care about others. thinking about this led me to understand only one thing clearly was that, In the end, all that matters is for us to live our lives on​ our own terms and not regret any decisions that we make in our lives. Even, if it turns to be the worst decision taken by you. If you live up with the terms of it going right. You will know your place and purpose in life.

3 thoughts on “Overthinking overload :P

  1. To ponder about life is one of my top ways to spend time, it was a worth while read, which cleared a few inconsistencies I had in my mind, and added some to think more about!
    Well Done 🙂

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