It’s amazing how words have a way with everything. join a few words a sentence is formed. You can hurt someone easily with the each choice of words and at the same time it can be the key to brightening up someone’s smile. It is said words once said are more dangerous than knives and swords. I am also an ‘I will say first and think later’ kind of person. I have hurt some people way more than they deserved and have said harsh words to the closest people in my life. My choice of words usually put me in a crisis situation since it’s tough to mould the words once they are out in the open. Some had said try to concentrate it helps to control, some said yoga a few of them even suggested backward counting from 10 to 0. Nothing worked and I couldn’t change much. Till,a recent situation made me go through the ordeal myself. I had believed a friend more than I should have and well she knew how to play with the words. I realised that there is something which hurts more than a sharp tongue. The words which have no genuine feelings behind them being used. Have you ever been in a position where all you expect a person your “I know you from in and out” friend to start just pretending? You feeling that everything has changed and yet you wish to go back in time. If you haven’t then you have been from the lucky lot. Choose your friends carefully. If you have gone through a similar situation I know how hard it was to let it go. I am still confused and lost track of the number of times I have thought about what she may be thinking to just forget the friendship we had. I was judged for everything I did and there was a moment where I really felt maybe I was on the wrong side. It may seem a petty issue but I have always given my friends my top most priority. Till, one day I heard her talking that everything she ruined till now was only because the boyfriend of hers didn’t approve her to do anything. I would have appreciated her feelings if she felt this way. But, her boyfriend had no role to play in our friendship. I am not a relationship expert but isn’t a relationship about supporting and not ruining friendships or did she really never deserved this friendship.

PS: the wrong I mentioned are basically spending time, street shopping, having drinks once in a while and other petty issues.:/

PPS: Her boyfriend dislikes street shopping :/


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