Expect the unexpected?πŸ˜…πŸ˜

The world is innovating every moment and so is our way of thinking. Well, not to make you all think too much on these lines. I will tell a funny experience that I had today and along with it tell you what we were meant to construe from it and how we ended up doing exactly different.

So, I had a lecture in relation to my BBA degree in which a group discussion (gd)was being conducted.Though, I do speak in gd’s but I have never been an initiator myself. So my teacher, she walks into the class with a big smile and Twinkle in her eyes and decided to start the gd. 

She said out loud”before we start this gd its worth mentioning to you all that this is a discussion that had taken place for recruitment for some business company.” Well, half of the lot was excited about speaking so the whole class was having pin drop silence and then she started. The first topic given to us was “virgin”. Ohh! You should have heard the laughter in our claclaas mention earlier, me the non-initiator thought I should bring a change in my attitude and thus, I should start this discussion. I knew the word and well, so there I was speaking about how much this term is given importance in patriarchal society and how feminist my approach is. I think, I and few of my friends were unstoppable at that moment and as the time passed, the whole class joined the discussion. Well, as surprising as it sounds we were all very participative. I still don’t know how the time flew by and the class was just about to  end in a couple of minutes. When all of a sudden, our teacher raised her voice to gather our attention smiled politely at us and said none of you would be recruited. Confused and offended by this , all of us asked for the reason in unison and the reply was quite unexpected. She said that when I asked you all about virgin, I had never said anything related to virginity or social taboos, you all were supposed to talk about virgin markets,virgin oil or anything related to business. The whole class of pursuing law students got played by a BBA/MBA teacher and then, off she went with the wicked smile and all of us still thinking   about how bad we all got played.😁



11 thoughts on “Expect the unexpected?πŸ˜…πŸ˜

  1. As I have known you for a while, no matter how many times the teacher asks you, the same will happen as you have a dirty mind, but such experiences help us to open our minds to think about things that are not expected :p i hope you had fun


  2. That was quite funny actually, humans tend to respond quickly to such words and coming up with different meanings attached to it. I simply asked for a fork from a waiter at a restaurant while I was out with my girl friends some nights ago and they bursted into laughter thinking I was asking for a fuckπŸ˜€πŸ˜€, I actually wanted to believe they were tipsy.


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