Truly admirable😆

What is admiration?

I really wonder, what its true significance is in our lives and how we associate our ever changing idea of admiring someone or something. It seems just as if it was yesterday, when I used to admire the beauty of rain but now it’s in the distant past. My admiration for it changed quite suddenly as I gradually started falling under the weather. The beautiful rain, the lovely romantic rain, the ‘I am at peace because of this rain’ feelings went down the drain and oh I am Ill due to it overcame me. I felt that rain was making the atmosphere  gloomyand  sad. But, as my judgment was about to be passed among my friends regarding this wonderful thing, I don’t know what led to the realisation  that what we feel or admire is all about how healthy we are  at that moment. If I have to compare this, It is like treating you with a yummy hot chocolate fudge ice cream just after you had the heaviest meal of your life. You will obviously love to have it but the admiration towards it won’t be as much as you wish to have. This prompted me to just get my health back and drink as many hot beverages as possible to get back my lost health.😄😁😁


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