Friends <3

‘Friends’ are an extension of a family. An inseparable part of your life and whose exsistence make the lives worth living. I love my friends and my group.

Actually, I guess my lifeline is my group. My unexpected encounter with each of its member is special, unforgetful and I love them more than anything else in this world. I have got the perky one , a nerdy guy as well as a huge crazy *I am too much into reading novels girl*(At present she has gone gaga over GOT Book :P). They are all annoying to an extent that no-one wants to handle them but at the same time, they are the best of the company that one can wish to have. They are all my best friends. I love them. I cherish them. We also have a crazyy wild party planner amongst ourselves. (Sometimes she does arrange some great parties, but sadly, it is rare :P). I still remember how unrelated  we were in our first year of college. Going to an extent to consider  each other as obnoxious and not a good company to be in. But, I guess time changes alot of things. We have come a longggg way since then. I love to hear how much they love me.(I am not obssessed about myself but I love to know that we are one for all and all for one) It makes me happy.

I am scared to an extent of losing any of them but at the same time I have got some unimaginably great moments with them. All of them were a happy accident for me. 2 of them were with me since the starting of my college life while two others soon became our friends because of our marketing project. (It was an amazing presentation. We got the highest marks :P). Followed by a crazy novel reader who was pushed into our group by my power of pursuasion.(She wanted silence and peace. We made her life way too noisy) and the last but not the least. We got a way to creative girl in our group.(She amazes me with the kind of talent that she showcases (I try not to be awed or jealous 😛 :P)). The best part of my group is that, we share this bond and appreciate what we have.

We all have got some kind of bad moments in our life. But, what makes them worth facing are the friends who are holding our hands. I was lucky to have many close friends around me who protected me no matter what.

P.S. I Love you (People alot):P

Thoughts :P :)

Thoughts of the complex mind bind us deep

Making us think more than we need

Some thoughts make us happy and some make us weep

But, what do we do

When our heart skips a beat?


The world is multifaceted

So are we

A few are rich while the others are poor

But, Each of the struggles is very much real

A poor wishes for livelihood whereas the other for wealth

Life is getting entrapped somewhere In between


The world is huge so is the no. of its inhabitants

We wish to breath but the rules are made

All we have to do is force our way

Either obliging or agitating is the only way.


Some are happy and some are content,

Some crave for friends and others for love,

So many mistakes paved our way

When does it all come to an end?

Since many are there who have already planned

what kind of death they wish to meet.

via Daily Prompt: Mistake

Thought to myself: Competent person🤔

Who can be considered as a competent personality in this era? 

On one hand we have got toppers in schools, colleges and nerds and on the other we find many people who turned the world upside down even without completing their education.

We have been engineered to perform and succeed. We have to complete our schooling, get into the best college of our locality, get the best job and then live a best life.

What if one turns out to be just an above average person in this race to success? What will be their position.?

Like many people of my age, I have ambitions and I want to achieve. But, what if I realised what I want to be today? 

Am I not allowed to get the same opportunity like the other. Obviously, the other person who had his goals set  has worked in a particular direction and has many attributes that can make him or her succeed. But, then what about me and people like me. Don’t we deserve the best company to hire us, the best kind of lifestyle.

How do I be worthy enough for them to consider.What  are the things that I need to work on?

Messed up mind💃📏🗝

Is appreciation  really required? Do we all crave for it to a certain extent? Or is it just pure need if acknowledgment that we all crave for.

Finally, I got to be a part of competition where I can showcase my talent if speaking and even improve on it. It not only requires an aspiring lawyer to be a good speaker but it even stresses on a need that each team must have a memo along with them. It is more like a trial court where the participants have to provide their arguments.This is what we call as mooting competition.

We are expected to research well on the issues provided in thr compromise I.e the moot problem. 

I have been too engaged in researching regarding the same for the past whole week. I am tired. I am not a great student but an above average person.

I am not perfect but I seek perfection and wish to attain it. Making the otherwise, comfortable road for an above average like me all the more difficult to walk on.

I am genuinely tired. Tired of handling people, assigning work, taking responsibility and moreover, trying to ensure that my friends aren’t affected because of the sudden change in our daily lives.

 I wonder what freedom is? How do people manage everything with ease. My 24 hours go by even without me realising about it.

Am I too busy or just a hardworker?

I guess I am none. I spend most of my time wondering and thinking what could be done better in one of the task that I have undertaken or the other.

But, somehow I am not able to achieve the point where I wish to be. The point is not clear for me as well. But, in search of that one point I lose my path altogether.
For most of you, what I said may not be making sense. It is just a glimpse of how my mind works every second shifting from one thought to another .

I wonder how to be in complete control of it and just achieve one thing at a time.

Is it too hard to achieve?

I mean having just attention to one task and achieve it and even trying to make it unique as well as creative. later focusing on the other. 

For example: If I start a research project and start working on it. I will find different material and internet has become such a huge storage of information that you are bound to find one person or the other who has already researched what you are researching. So, no new material is formulated by you. You are reading and rephrasing it in a manner which is considered unique by others whereas all that while you will be doing is paraphrasing an already existing literature.
Not bringing anything unique or new to existence. But, just the ideology of someone who researched on the same issue before yours and his peers.

Olympic Games Rio 2016: Badminton

Hello Friends,

Did you watch the Women’s badminton singles semifinals today? Don’t tell me you missed it. It was an amazing game indeed. The match made me all excited, pumped up and  happy(actually too happy ). It was mesmerising. It was exceptional.

“PV Sindhu reaches the semi-final of women’s singles after a dominating display to beat Wang Yihan”

I am pretty sure that these headlines would have made everyone happy in the country.

Today’s match  ( already written above) was in between Sindhu(Indian ❤ :*)   against Nozomi Okuhara (Japanese) to reach finals. The scores were as follows:

For the 1 match: 21-19 and

For the 2 match :21-10

She had  won in  both the matches.

well, I was forced into watching the match initially.( Generally, I am too much into myself and my WhatsApp that I rarely know what’s happening) Dad was watching it on the television. He was going all oooh–wowww while watching it and he even forced me to sit in front of it. 🙂 But what started as an uninterested gazing at the idiot box, soon overtook me with immense excitement and I started sharing the same energy level  which my dad had when I initially started watching it. :* ❤

It was an amazing game. The sportsmanship, the exchange of shuttle in the matches, the smashes, her expressions, everything in the competition was extraordinarily great. She made a true admirer out of me. Actually, not only her but even her Japanese competitor had an amazing spirit and tried her level best in the match. True sportsmanship can be seen in these kind of games, the vibe, the cheers, everything about it was amazing.

Now, I am also looking forward to tomorrow’s match . I hope, I wish she wins.

Moreover, Isn’t it amazing to see the heights that Indian women are reaching these days? We have come long way and well, Saina, Sindhu, Sania, Sakshi many Indian Woman have tried and made a lot of efforts to make the country proud and Today, the stage was taken over by Sindhu ❤ :* :* :* ❤

She is a true inspiration. Just 21 and made our nation proud.


P.P.S She becomes the first Indian woman to reach an Olympics final in Badminton. ❤ :*

P.P.P.S Happy Rakshabandhan to all 🙂 ❤


The Happiness Tag



Another tag to write about. In WordPress, I found this amazing friend (Whom I followed on FB as well :P) who engaged me into writing one kind of post or other.Thus, helping me feel as a part of this WordPress family.  I am soo thankful that Deboleena has tagged me to do this tag.

Thanks a lot Deboleena for tagging me. Please do check her out people.

Rules  of this Tag–

Name 5 things that make you happy.

Name 5 songs that make you happy.

Nominate 5 bloggers to continue the tag.


  • Name 5 things that make me happy :
  1. spending time with my friends and family.<3 :*
  2. Drawing and sketching(though am not a pro in it) :p
  3. Helping people
  4. eating ice creams
  5. Sleeping and lazing around 😛


  • Name 5 songs that make you happy :
  1. Sweet child of mine:guns and roses
  2. Fireflies: Owl City
  3. Wake me up when September ends:Green day
  4. Don’t you worry child: Swedish House Mafia
  5. what a wonderful world: John Legend
  • Nominate 5 bloggers to continue the tag :

Please please everyone whoever is reading this blog post. Please be a part of it and post it because you all have been nominated by me 😛

Give Deboleena‘s blog a visit. She is amazing 😛 ❤ :* :8

P.S. I know I have already mentioned and posted about how cool she is a lot of time

P.PS. But, she is so amazing and helps me post these tags every now and then that I can’t help but appreciate her.

😛 ❤ :* :8

decriminalisation of suicide- :) or :(


Hey, guys! How are you all? A very happy 70th independence day to all the Indians out there. 🙂 ❤ :*

I am really Sorry about not posting anything for a while. I was busy with my exams and college. Well, talking about college reminds me that nowadays,my college  seems to be more like the attention seeking friend who doesn’t like to share her or his friends with anyone else.    😔

As soon as I got a break from all this hectic schedule. I have got down to writing something. Today, I wish to address the issue of ‘suicide’.

What is the opinion of all of you out there? Do you see it as a cowardly act or a brave one?

What led me to talk about this is the bill which has been recently present in the lower house and moreover, a few suicide cases that came to my notice. one of them was regarding a student who committed suicide recently in one of the law colleges. It got me into thinking. Why do people try to attempt suicide? Don’t they value their lives?

But, as I sat thinking about all this. I realised how a person’s psyche in these situations works. They are not thinking straight because our mind sometimes plays dirty tricks with us, making us think in only one direction and just ignore the other plausible explanations that are present. They must be told how precious they are in the lives of their close ones. That, they aren’t alone.

we crave for achievements, success, we feel that there is a need to live up to other’s expectations and in the process some people who are unable to succeed succumb to despair. we need to inculcate the quality of sportsmanship amongst ourselves and persuade our future generation to try and try. In an effort to make them realise that failure is a part of life.

I understand how tough it is when dreams are shattered and when we are just unable to achieve what we want no matter how much we tried. So, in that case, what is the alternative. What must be done?

I am overjoyed about the fact that our country has finally taken a step and tried to understand the stress the victim must be going through. I hope Lok sabha also passes this bill and the same suicide is decriminalised in our country.It seems good to see a change in the law. It is a much-needed change

For those who don’t know about the bill. It is in relation to anyone who attempts suicide, it considers that instead of punishing them for attempting it, they should be presumed to be in “severe stress,” and it has added that the government has a duty to “provide care, treatment and rehabilitation to a person, having severe stress and who attempted to commit suicide, to reduce the risk of recurrence of attempt to commit suicide.

I hope to read your viewpoints regarding same as well. Feel free to comment but please keep it as politely as possibly. 🙂


The laughter in the class ;p


The Laughter in my class was always echoing,

We were maturing,

Looking forward to the happiness we were told we would be achieving

Mocking teachers, playing pranks was all that we were tensed about

I don’t know when fate was caught


I still remember vividly, how I held on to my best friend’s hand as the teacher was scolding

Bunking classes, annoying teachers finding solace in anything and everything

The laughter in my class was always echoing,

Even if we were scolded at for bunking a study class,

The laughter in my class would only feel echoing



We were a team of 50 students that no one could mess with,

It was the time that survival without each other seemed only a myth,

I was told to be a believer,

Work hard, get a college, you will be an achiever,

Such were the classes,

From where we had gotten our glasses


Time has passed and school got ended,

But I still try to remember

The Laughter in my class

Which always seemed to be echoing.



PPS: College is also cool. But we cannot compare the two extremes. 😛

The MakeItUltra™ Blogger Award



Thanks a lot Deboleena for nominating me again and I am really sorry for the delay in posting the same.Due to my previous posts, you may have already known about me as well as Deboleena. But, If you don’t know who she is you are definitely missing out on not reading a great blog. Check her blog @ 😛 ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ <3:P

About The Award

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3. Answer the following MakeItUltra™ Blogger Award questions.

What is your name?

Scribledree 😛

Where are you from?

Delhi, India.

How long have you been blogging and why did you start?

My first blog post was 6 months ago.  A friend of mine had suggested me about WordPress and how I should voice out all my opinions here. The people who are close to me know how talkative I am in real life and some times, it is also dependent entirely on my mood. He suggested this place because he thought its better to make me write and improvise my writing skills then to hear my bickering all the time. :P(Most of my other friends also agreed on this)

What are you most proud of?

I am proud of my ability to make friends and the ability to maintain the friendship for a lifetime.(Atleast most of them) If I like a person, It takes me only a few minutes to communicate the warmth and be friends. Else, I usually tend to move out.

What are your blogging goals?

I am a student of Law. I want to have the power to move people not only through my ability to speak but also to write. I wish to connect with people and know their story and have a forum where people would be interested in hearing what I have to write.


How do you spend your free time?

I meet my school and college friends.😀 I draw(not as good as Deboleena but fairly well :P), read novels and spend time with my childhood friends :* :* :).

I wish to nominate anyone and everyone who happens to read this blog. There is no limitation, feel free to answer these questions and all of you deserve to be nominated. 😛

Don’t shy away just because your name is not provided. Let’s be a part of this fun nomination sprees.:P

Thanks again for nominating me Deboleena  😛

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