decriminalisation of suicide- :) or :(


Hey, guys! How are you all? A very happy 70th independence day to all the Indians out there. 🙂 ❤ :*

I am really Sorry about not posting anything for a while. I was busy with my exams and college. Well, talking about college reminds me that nowadays,my college  seems to be more like the attention seeking friend who doesn’t like to share her or his friends with anyone else.    😔

As soon as I got a break from all this hectic schedule. I have got down to writing something. Today, I wish to address the issue of ‘suicide’.

What is the opinion of all of you out there? Do you see it as a cowardly act or a brave one?

What led me to talk about this is the bill which has been recently present in the lower house and moreover, a few suicide cases that came to my notice. one of them was regarding a student who committed suicide recently in one of the law colleges. It got me into thinking. Why do people try to attempt suicide? Don’t they value their lives?

But, as I sat thinking about all this. I realised how a person’s psyche in these situations works. They are not thinking straight because our mind sometimes plays dirty tricks with us, making us think in only one direction and just ignore the other plausible explanations that are present. They must be told how precious they are in the lives of their close ones. That, they aren’t alone.

we crave for achievements, success, we feel that there is a need to live up to other’s expectations and in the process some people who are unable to succeed succumb to despair. we need to inculcate the quality of sportsmanship amongst ourselves and persuade our future generation to try and try. In an effort to make them realise that failure is a part of life.

I understand how tough it is when dreams are shattered and when we are just unable to achieve what we want no matter how much we tried. So, in that case, what is the alternative. What must be done?

I am overjoyed about the fact that our country has finally taken a step and tried to understand the stress the victim must be going through. I hope Lok sabha also passes this bill and the same suicide is decriminalised in our country.It seems good to see a change in the law. It is a much-needed change

For those who don’t know about the bill. It is in relation to anyone who attempts suicide, it considers that instead of punishing them for attempting it, they should be presumed to be in “severe stress,” and it has added that the government has a duty to “provide care, treatment and rehabilitation to a person, having severe stress and who attempted to commit suicide, to reduce the risk of recurrence of attempt to commit suicide.

I hope to read your viewpoints regarding same as well. Feel free to comment but please keep it as politely as possibly. 🙂



19 thoughts on “decriminalisation of suicide- :) or :(

  1. I’m against suicide. But, it also makes me wonder that there are things that drive a human to an edge, to such a point that they consider suicide or sometimes even attempt to do it and it saddens me.
    We need to understand depression and help people with it.


  2. I have been there, at the edge even attempted to commit suicide 🙂 but just with a little help, an honest criticism and understanding friends, you can go through it. Awesomely written 😀


  3. I am quite aggravated to be honest by the earlier “suicide is never an option” comment, though I imagine that person has never felt in suicidal pain in their life so therfore wouldn’t understand. Suicide is not criminal. It is not “committing a crime” Crime causes direct harm to other people or property. It is very sad when a suicide attempt is successful from the point of view of loved ones etc, however, equally sad when people feel societal pressure to live an extraordinarily painful life. I have attempted three times. Am I glad I didn’t succeed? Yes and no. I am glad for my family but gutted for myself.😢


    1. I appreciate your opinion. But, at the same time ending your life is not an option in that process you hurt your near and dear ones and the comment was made in regard to them living it and facing it. The criminal comment was in regard to the legislative enactment that is existing in our country🙂

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  4. Your independence is in your mind. One who uses it’s power amicably is successful. When you are slave of your powerful mind, such deplorable act occur. Medical knowledge confirms that all suicide and other of it’s like are the origin of a sick mind. We should identify those minds, intervene and rehabilitate them so that such instances should be at the minimum. And bill regarding the same is a welcome step from the legislatures of the land.

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  5. Suicide is a foolish way of escaping. It is actually for the coward people who can’t handle failures. When. Success and failure are the parts of our life. We should have the courage to fight back. To deal with reality. So. Yes. I’m against it. ” 😦 ”


      1. I think whenever a person has to go through a phase where he thinks he can’t take it anymore and decides to take such a huge step-suicide, it just sickens me. Whatever the situation might be how low or high there are always people around you, your friends family or any person who can spark up that ray of hope that was lost, what one requires at that time is hope, that everything will eventually get better with time.

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      2. I agree that they shouldn’t be taking such a drastic step. But, tell me something, does a person who is happy resort to such an act?
        No one wishes to be in the position but when they are there, we need to support them and be their pillars. Suicide is indeed a huge step but it is done because of depression or stress. That is done at the time when their mind is not thinking straight 😅


  6. This is a great post, and I completely agree with you! Suicide should be decriminalised and treated more like a mental health disorder/issue which requires help and care not jail time. I wasn’t aware that a bill in this regard is under consideration, I appreciate your intiative for spreading the awareness! Cheers 🙂


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