Olympic Games Rio 2016: Badminton

Hello Friends,

Did you watch the Women’s badminton singles semifinals today? Don’t tell me you missed it. It was an amazing game indeed. The match made me all excited, pumped up and  happy(actually too happy ). It was mesmerising. It was exceptional.

“PV Sindhu reaches the semi-final of women’s singles after a dominating display to beat Wang Yihan”

I am pretty sure that these headlines would have made everyone happy in the country.

Today’s match  ( already written above) was in between Sindhu(Indian ❀ :*)   against Nozomi Okuhara (Japanese) to reach finals. The scores were as follows:

For the 1 match: 21-19 and

For the 2 match :21-10

She had  won in  both the matches.

well, I was forced into watching the match initially.( Generally, I am too much into myself and my WhatsApp that I rarely know what’s happening) Dad was watching it on the television. He was going all oooh–wowww while watching it and he even forced me to sit in front of it. πŸ™‚ But what started as an uninterested gazing at the idiot box, soon overtook me with immense excitement and I started sharing the same energy level  which my dad had when I initially started watching it. :* ❀

It was an amazing game. The sportsmanship, the exchange of shuttle in the matches, the smashes, her expressions, everything in the competition was extraordinarily great. She made a true admirer out of me. Actually, not only her but even her Japanese competitor had an amazing spirit and tried her level best in the match. True sportsmanship can be seen in these kind of games, the vibe, the cheers, everything about it was amazing.

Now, I am also looking forward to tomorrow’s match . I hope, I wish she wins.

Moreover, Isn’t it amazing to see the heights that Indian women are reaching these days? We have come long way and well, Saina, Sindhu, Sania, Sakshi many Indian Woman have tried and made a lot of efforts to make the country proud and Today, the stage was taken over by Sindhu ❀ :* :* :* ❀

She is a true inspiration. Just 21 and made our nation proud.


P.P.S She becomes the first Indian woman to reach an Olympics final in Badminton. ❀ :*

P.P.P.S Happy Rakshabandhan to all πŸ™‚ ❀



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