Thoughts :P :)

Thoughts of the complex mind bind us deep

Making us think more than we need

Some thoughts make us happy and some make us weep

But, what do we do

When our heart skips a beat?


The world is multifaceted

So are we

A few are rich while the others are poor

But, Each of the struggles is very much real

A poor wishes for livelihood whereas the other for wealth

Life is getting entrapped somewhere In between


The world is huge so is the no. of its inhabitants

We wish to breath but the rules are made

All we have to do is force our way

Either obliging or agitating is the only way.


Some are happy and some are content,

Some crave for friends and others for love,

So many mistakes paved our way

When does it all come to an end?

Since many are there who have already planned

what kind of death they wish to meet.

via Daily Prompt: Mistake


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