Friends <3

‘Friends’ are an extension of a family. An inseparable part of your life and whose exsistence make the lives worth living. I love my friends and my group.

Actually, I guess my lifeline is my group. My unexpected encounter with each of its member is special, unforgetful and I love them more than anything else in this world. I have got the perky one , a nerdy guy as well as a huge crazy *I am too much into reading novels girl*(At present she has gone gaga over GOT Book :P). They are all annoying to an extent that no-one wants to handle them but at the same time, they are the best of the company that one can wish to have. They are all my best friends. I love them. I cherish them. We also have a crazyy wild party planner amongst ourselves. (Sometimes she does arrange some great parties, but sadly, it is rare :P). I still remember how unrelated Β we were in our first year of college. Going to an extent to consider Β each other as obnoxious and not a good company to be in. But, I guess time changes alot of things. We have come a longggg way since then. I love to hear how much they love me.(I am not obssessed about myself but I love to know that we are one for all and all for one) It makes me happy.

I am scared to an extent of losing any of them but at the same time I have got some unimaginably great moments with them. All of them were a happy accident for me. 2 of them were with me since the starting of my college life while two others soon became our friends because of our marketing project. (It was an amazing presentation. We got the highest marks :P). Followed by a crazy novel reader who was pushed into our group by my power of pursuasion.(She wanted silence and peace. We made her life way too noisy) and the last but not the least. We got a way to creative girl in our group.(She amazes me with the kind of talent that she showcases (I try not to be awed or jealous πŸ˜› :P)). The best part of my group is that, we share this bond and appreciate what we have.

We all have got some kind of bad moments in our life. But, what makes them worth facing are the friends who are holding our hands. I was lucky to have many close friends around me who protected me no matter what.

P.S. I Love you (People alot):P


13 thoughts on “Friends <3

  1. Hahaha! No one can forget that commentπŸ˜‚
    Thanks a lot dude! You realise appreciating your friends is one of the most important thing in life when you have such friends. I m lucky to have you guysπŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜πŸ’–πŸ’–

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