Friend with crazy thought process



I had a pleasant day today. It was a mixture of hard work and enjoying the way my life has been . Until I was soon interrupted from my peaceful existence by a text from my friend. He was astonishingly in a talkative mood today. Telling me everything and anything that came up to his mind. In turn making me think about things that we usually don’t ponder about. I wanted to in turn share with you all about what he shared with me.

He spoke about a lot of random stuff but what got my attention was as to how people connect with memories. Well, it made sense at the time when he told me. But, now I am skeptical and thinking whether indeed it is true or not.

According to him, we all have a manner to connect with our memories. Some remember it like snaps of past and may have a picturesque image at the back of their minds whereas others make play it like a video and remember the memories. As I have bee thinking about it, I guess I remember and reminisce my memory through a video being played in the background. I try to be there in the past and live it all over again. But, I guess I acknowledge it to be in the past itself.

Whereas he explained how he thinks and how his memory works. He remembers it like musical notes. Every drop signifies a certain kind of frequency and any kind of elevation is the feeling of him being happy during that moment. More like a memory in continuation rather than a video that comes to a halt as soon as the memory ends. In your opinion, what kind of path do you follow to remember your memory? What helps you connect the dots?

P.S. Crossgear nemesis you are crazy….:P 😛

P.P.S Picture credits- Google


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