Invisible veil

The person behind the invisible veil 

Is hiding her face

Trying to be someone who you wished them to be

The person in veil

Was all along misread by people but never tried to change the way they see

The person in the invisible veil is shouting too much

But the silence is making the noise

The person in that veil is still hurt by your words

But the time has surpassed to tell you that

That person wanted to just be of help

When all along you misread her of something she didn’t do

The person in that invisible veil is just me

Me, who is shouting at my loudest audible voice

 but yet the voice seems not to reach you somehow

Because the person who is me is hurt beyond words

And all the words just can’t explain what it seems to be.

Now, the person in the veil wishes to be someone

Who should have stayed behind the veil.😁


6 thoughts on “Invisible veil

    1. I wanted to signify how sometimes people try to be someone they are not and sometimes they are misunderstood as someone they are not. It is sad when someone close to you misunderstands you and in my case, I am left wondering whether having a different kind of attitude would have saved me from being misunderstood or notπŸ˜…


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