Down the memory line <3

It made me wonder what teacher’s day really mean to me.

I don’t have very friendly cordial memories of the teacher who taught me during my early age. I remember them. My KG teachers.(not their faces but their attitude and way of handling us) I started my schooling from KG itself never went to a nursery.My mother became my teacher. Filling up the gap of not knowing things that kids of my age could easily decipher. She had a lot of patience. I can tell you that because she ended up dealing with me as perfectly as possible. She not only made me a competent person but she was also one of my first teacher who literally  took great pain to teach me Alphabets, numbers, and everything that I know today.Adding to all this, was that I was a born left-handed person. When others reminded her that I was a left-handed person and all this was a bad omen. She ignored everything and just held her head high acknowledging the efforts that I had put forth to learn everything she taught.

I vividly remember the area that I used to live in. During that time, we used to live in the north-eastern part of India which added on to my distress of not only not knowing Hindi but as well as their regional language.Thus, the initial 2 years of my school life was a living nightmare for me. Idk why I still remember  it after so long.

There are so many moments when I just feel that I can forget them. But, yes a few instances make us who we are. At that tender age, I learned to appreciate nature and also live a life without having friends in them. God was graceful enough to change things for me as I grew up  but, sometimes I wish to forget those days.  I wish to forget but appreciate I remember the garden outside the window which was just adjacent to the room that we  call our classroom. I didn’t have many friends to recall, actually to put it straight I had none. I was a small girl who stammered in her speech, cried for her mother and bunked classes in tender age. The last but definitely not the least I envied my elder sister who was beyond perfect.(the angel from the clouds)

Idk I guess everyone has such memories but then in those memories, you remember some things that you never wish to disclose. You wish to bury them so into your sub-conscious that it is impossible for it to visit. But, every now and then it pops up, some things you wish you had an answer about. These and many more memories contributed and made me the person I am today. one such memory was of my mom trying to teach me something that I couldnt even understand.

I know teacher’s day has already ended and such a delay on my part is an unacceptable sin. But, I would like to wish all the Mothers and teachers out there, A very very happy teachers day. 🙂 Since, Parents  are the first teacher in every child’s life.

P.S. Dads are also pretty awesome.(I didn’t forget them) My dad is a fun-loving guy, he used to find reasons to play with me and he never forced me to be someone I am not. He is the one who still tries wayy too hard to improve my maths. 😛 🙂

So, to all the dads out there-I will again wish you all a happy teacher’s day.

P.P.S Really sorry for the delay 🙂 :*


9 thoughts on “Down the memory line <3

  1. Everyone teaches us something, from our parents to teachers to friends and to our own thoughts all contribute us to become more of ourselves.. And even you have thought me like dozens of things.. Happy teacher’s day to you too, you’re awesome (:

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      1. -_-
        You taught me that it’s okay to be selfish..
        You taught me that it’s okay if I’m rude sometimes just to survive
        You taught me that it’s okay to speak out if someone is willing to listen
        You taught me that I’m weird 👻 af, but I can still help
        You taught me a lot of things too (: you didn’t give examples or say these exact things like a teacher, but you taught me.. Baka

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  2. Reading this post brought back some unpleasant childhood memories for me 😂😜

    The struggle of being a lefty, I’ve known that too! Used to have so many elbow fights with right handed partners in school 😜

    Plus I hated writing and copying down stuff from the blackboard. I’m always grateful and fondly remember my fourth grade teacher Miss Elle. She never punished me for not writing down stuff, this one time before the exams she actually wrote in my notebook for me because I refused to write as my wrist was paining. 😂

    Thanks for the nostalgia, cheers 😊💕

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