tidbit tales :P

The rumbling noise and the low murmur behind Alex made him realise that indeed the news has spread like wildfire again. He was not at fault at all. But, who would have believed him? He  had been called a delinquent person without any mistake of his. He was just always  in the wrong place at the wrong time. But, who would have believed him?He was helpless and even a victim of his society. Who blamed him for no wrong of his but that was based on the reputation he held.

Ironically, he was an ace student when it came to studies. Working harder than his peers and loved  burning the mid-night oil.He was alone but capable.He never wasted his money. Saved his hard earned money to pay for his books and other stationary. The shabbiest of the lot and the best scoring chap amongst them.

But, now it didn’t seem to matter. The news has spread. He wanted to go into a rabbit hole to hide. It seemed the end. The end of hope, aspirations everything. He had not done anything wrong so why was he made to feel this way.

Yes, he was unable to save the old couple when they got shot by the burglar. He had run to save them. But, it was already too late. Police confirmed his innocence. But, in the class all those doubtful eyes were grilling his back with seeds of doubts that he couldn’t sustain any longer. He slammed the books and walked away.

Away from doubt. Away from people. It seemed logical and most appropriate at the time. Maybe it was or maybe it wasn’t. But, it made him more lonelier than before. More broken than before. He tried hard to gather his courage but everytime he did. They again broke him apart. It was a sad phase but it changed him immensely. He came out to be the strongest person and became an influential person that people who looked down at him. Now, worked under him.

He was an inspiration & he was a game changer. He turned the table without giving up. He is someone that I wish to be. Accomplish the unexpected and be worthy. 😛 🙂



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