​If I were stronger I would have been Brave
Try to face the demons 
Who will eventually take me to grave
Yet, at the back of mind I have this fear

Continuously enslaving my inner self not to crave

A success is a building step, failure a lesson

Everything moulding a person in a way or other

They say I have matured 

Some say I am naive

But it is sad that the verdict ain’t made
I have tried to stay strong, I Have tried to be Brave

My inner demons have won over my belief yet again

I have to stand again and dust away the fear

The wrath of my inner self is yet to unravel

I have the fire, I believe I do

But, only if I was stronger I would have been brave

Waking up everyday I try to change

For the days to be brighter 

Few nights be grey

All the while I will grow to be Brave

Fear not, the growth is continuous

As I hope to be a better person 

The journey I started from my cradle head towards my grave


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