As far as my memory goes I have visited the beach only once. It was a short visit due to the paucity of time. This is how I remember it:

The sound of the sea rhymed as I went nearer. The reflection of something placed so far made it shine in the peaceful night. I sat there looking at the scenery as the sand seemed to play with my feet. Everytime I moved it seemed to have absorbed the weight and gone a little more downward forming a mark of my existence near it just for a few seconds ago.It made me acknowledge my existence much more than I usually do.

 It left me at peace. It gave me plenty of time to love everything that was around me,be happy about the opportunity and relish the moment.

The  silhouette’s of 3 individual near the beach may have gathered some attention. Me and my best friend went crazy over there. Like a 5 year old in action we tried to do everything and anything in those 15 minutes and believe me when I say that we had utilised every minute of it.

I want to visit the beach again. Sit there and just stare at infinite number of stars, go crazy and run there and make memories loads of them to look back at.


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