​We, humans have a very bad habit of appreciating things only after we have lost them. Their value in our lives remains the same but our outlook changes. Even if things go in a manner we expect them to go and we start living a life we wish to live or they go haywire and we start living a life that is filled with landmines. We realise what we have truly left behind. I had spent about 8 years at my previous residence. It was amazing and did I ever wonder that i would be leaving it ever.🤔 I guess that never came to my mind. I remember myself growing over there, making friends and making my own small world without any worries of what may lay ahead in my life. Now, I know that it was truly not an ever lasting experience. But, nonetheless, each passing moment has been a memory that I as an individual have presented to my future self. So, as I look back now I wonder as to how to make my journey a tale  worth to be told to others? 
The see-saw moment of our lives makes us grow and many a times it may even make us outgrow ourselves.So, what surety can a person provide that tomorrow would be brighter, more colourful or  enlightened?  What can we look up for?
In my opinion indeed the darkest days of our life has made us the person that we are today. They have been the stepping stones of our lives . Moreover, the rollercoaster ride and its uncertainty has made it all the more important for us to live in the moment irrespective of how good or bad it may be.
The future has always been uncertain. It is the way that it ought to be. No one can change it and Well, no one can stop living just to have a stable life.
I have grown so much over these last few years that I am pretty amazed myself. Did I remain to be the person I was a few years ago?
Obviously no. I have grown to be stronger, weaker, live upto challenges, fail in too many challenges, fall, like, be heartbroken, hurt, cried and I don’t know what more. But, all these have mixed up and blended so well that I turned out to be the result that many and even you who may be reading this post can see or read about.
I don’t know what really has led me to write about appreciating the lives we lead and everything that we are in. As a person who can step out of my own shoes and have a third person perspective about the whole issue feel that we can be what we wished ourselves to be. All that is required for us to do is give it some time.
I have been a person who gets nervous even if I am good at something. I have had an issue of lack of confidence since long time. But, now I fight it everyday, every single day. I have turned into a person I wished to be. Not only that just by crossing the first checkpoint now I have got a clear road of what lies ahead. Atleast the presence of another checkpoint being close enough can be felt from the point I seem to stand now. Not only in my professional life(student life), I have tried to inculcate the same in my personal life as well. i have told people what I feel about them whether like or hate since one cannot and must not live a life with a regret of not doing something out of just a feeling of being a coward.
I just wish to motivate many out there that life is worth taking risk, going an extra mile once in a while, breaking the glass ceilings in your lives, stepping out of the horizon that has been provided because all that matters at the end of the day is what you have become and how you chose to risk everything to live as much as you can and not on how you sneaked into your little room the moment you saw an approaching problem.

Lastly, It must be remembered that those who reached the pinnacle of success had also started their journey from the bottom of the hill as well.

I hope you enjoyed reading the same.


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