Time flies by

Deck of cards placed one over the other can perfectly explain the existence of numerous unexplainable phases of one’s life. 

I was hospitalized 2 years ago on his very same day due to being diagnosed of Dengue. It was a bitter sweet experience which helped me grow stronger and come in terms of many of my childish fears that I had grown within me since my childhood. It was 2 years ago. Too long to even remember what happened during the time😪

I wasn’t the only one who was hospitalized during this period. I was accompanied to this building that looked like a five star hotel for all those people visiting you. But for you it is painful and the worst kind place to be in. I never feared for my health atleast not as much as I did about my dad. He is cool and stronger. Never scared or affected just because of having some sickness like this. I still remember that when my blood results had come out,mom started crying and went all into her panicky mode and well, dad he doesn’t show it normally but he agreed to be hospitalized together just because I also ended up having it. 

I remember crying in the hospital for hours and hours just because I feared what would be happening to dad. I have been a weak child since forever so, it didn’t affect me that much and ir really didn’t care how I would be ending up. Apart from the fact that not being visited by many so called friends or atleast not being asked by many about how I have been and the reason for my absence from College. I became subdued and constrained to a few of the people I genuinely care about or those who care about me.

Ironically, two years have passed and this very day which I had supposedly spent in the hospital 2 years ago has returned with a fresh kind of health nuisance concerning me. Establishing my doubts regarding the viciousness of life and its circular re visiting nature in our own lives.


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