Dwelling into my emotions😁






All these words hold different meanings in each of our lives. Some fight it off by dozing of into a slumber, some by gaming it out and the rest like me we are the kind who repeat it. We go in circles and circles till we get what we achieve. For me it has been this way. I screwed up sometimes and sometimes I achieved things. The only constant throughout it was all these factors that engulfed within me and made me me. I may sound weird. It may not make sense. But this fear that makes me continue makes me feel strong and yet it makes me walk a road I know with a fear in the back of my mind. I hesitate about everything. I do. I am proud of it and yet I m scared about it. An exam that we have been repeatedly subjected to can still make me go all blank and Shiver with fear. What is the worst that can happen at this moment? I will flunk. I will be flunking end of it. So what?  Why have I associated it with something and consider it to be the worst. I have my fear of flunking becuz I fear I won’t get up. I will not be able to be what I wish to be in this competitive world cuz once Il fall no matter the no. Of people who r there to pick me up I myself won’t be able to get up. Thats what I believe and that’s what I fear.


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