Spontaneity and me!!

​We have all created preconceived beliefs for ourselves.

We have to act in a certain manner, look in a certain manner and especially behave in a proper manner.

Once we have decided it for ourselves it takes alot of courage or boldness to change it. A few are really bold and appreciate it. They embrace it with pride and the others like me think alot before taking the big step.

Haircut is never a big deal. It is just a matter of time that it grows back.But ask a person who has grown it for 17 years and tried real hard to maintain it. Suggest them to get it cut. Some bold people will readily agree to it if they feel like doing it while  others consist of people like me.

I weighed the possibility for a long time.(longgg time, yes for a damn haircut.it was thought over and over again)

Yes, it may seem silly to some. IT IS A BIG DEAL for me.

To go through the whole idea I.e. execute it I had to make a spontaneous decision.

Act on it asap

Not giving it another thought after I came up with the idea that evening. All my thoughts were moving rapidly and trying hard to pull me towards the opposite side..away from salon..away from insanity. Yet somehow that day I found myself walking properly on the ground and not even giving up on it.

It had to happen.

And I had to go through it

Not that it was a big deal but it was a change that would help me grow. Understand myself and that eventhough change is constant it is not always bad.

It passes by.

Even If it was a good change it will pass and if it was a bad one it will also come to an end. The only difference is that one memory will be treasured and the other will be deleted from our hard drive.(seriously, brain is such an amazing part it has the capacity to delete the not so required memory and stores what is useful)

So I went ahead and got it done. It is a Bob cut now my hair is above my neck line and yes I survived it. I am happy for this small achievement of mine. It gave me confidence that I will grow out of any change that will be coming towards me. The storm will calm down and I will be unhurt or even if I am hurt I will not be disheveled by it.

 Grow out of it.. ( I did sulk about it for a short while but then I decided to embrace it as it is)😝



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