Puppy <3

Hey! It has been too long since my last post. How have you all been?….I missed not posting anything here. But, I guess I have got the best story that I can share proudly with you all and I hope that it is relatable to most of you too…:) So the story of how the day unfolded wherein the important happening started in this manner:

I bunked my class(college),i.e. my last lecture of the day just before my presentation to have fun with friends. But, just as I was about to reach the park near my college I saw this cute puppy. He was too young to survive the cold temperature of Delhi and it literally broke my heart to leave him stranded to death.

I luckily had enough time to take him to a friend’s place and leave him there for the time being and thankfully my friend and his friends were intelligent enough to get puppy some warm clothes and make a small bed for him out of a shoe box .when the puppy started shivering. I rushed back to his place as soon as my presentation was done and was more than happy to see my puppy all cuddled up and sleeping like a log in his newly made bed. Since it was a temporary home, I just couldn’t extend my friends favor more than I should have and therefore, I started looking for shelter homes for the puppy.

I had to take him to a shelter home. He was too young and needed a home. Sadly, I could not take him to my place because of my own pet and his insecurities to have a companion.( Fluffy is very nice and sweet but a little possessive)  So I asked for help from literally everyone i.e. the people I talk to on a daily basis and people who I have never ever spoken to. But sadly most of them were either busy or not that helpful. So, I and my friend tried to find him a home in a nearby shelter for pets.

With the help of my friends, I  got a cab till the shelter home.

The whole ride he (the puppy) slept in my arms and I finally dropped him off at the shelter home. He instantly made friends there. All other dogs and puppies seemed to have liked him and accepted him with such a kind heart that I was almost in tears. He became friends with each one of them.

I knew him for just a short while but the puppy was very nice. I did not wish to leave him at all. He was an angel that too a very cute one.



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