Tick tock tick tock..the time just makes you feel it’s presence all the time. Each moment since I have been assigned to participate for my competition, it has been a struggle for me. 

I love being a leader but at the same time, it can be exhilarating. Believe me I am not kidding when I say this. It can be torturous but the only solace that I can find in its relation is that I have not got any dumb partners. Yes, it is a team working together and participating competition but it is annoying. Ironically I never chose the role that I have been playing for a while now. I am good believe me I am. Given that I was able to make some laid back souls to work on it and get a result within the stipulated time limit but the knowledge of not choosing the part voluntarily kills me. I expected more of a middle man role wherein I was having a supportive role.

 But since, history has a tendency to repeat itself. This time in the competition I again have to work for the issues I didn’t sign up for. I say am not cribbing but I am cribbing because I have stopped understanding the meaning of work ethics, responsibility and team spirit. 

Expecting perfection and achieving it are two separate concepts. It will be a while before I can attain the same. But, sometimes sadly transparency cannot help you to achieve the same. This time also we may not be able to win the best written submission for my competition but all I will ever feel bad about is having the resources and yet not utilising to its utmost capabilities.

 I hope that we do well but that must even include walking upto the position wherein improvement is visible in each one of us rather than concentration of work on one individual in place of it we must learn the concept of division of labour and lastly, timely efficiency is what I wish each one of us can possess in our lives.


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