Me, memory and my future

The amazing aspect of memory is its ability to over write. Life teaches you so many things and memory helps you to dig the ground n bury it away. It sometimes takes a day, a month or even an year. The amazing ability of us to forget is crazy. With each passage of day we can either be stuck at the very moment in which we got hurt or just buckle up and fight for the coming days. 

It may be an incident related to your private life or your professional one. But, what I have learnt is that we can never give up. As the next moment may turn out to be a knocking opportunity that you have been looking for the whole while. 

I have been busy for a past few days. Busy in giving myself way too importance. Actually, it was not just me but people around me too. I gave them way too importance. So much so that I had to decipher what their ulterior motives were for a petty act as well. I have stopped doing that.

  It has taken immense amount of courage from my side or stupidity to realise that I am just a person out of crores living out there and I have a long way to go before people give me enough importance that I thought I could be associated with and till then I have to work upon myself and then only I can have a responsibility towards myself in understanding how I will be coping with it when I will be that much important. 

P.s. a goal for myself: I will work hard to be an important figure.