My take on the series: 13 reasons why 

We all have been happy, crazy, stupid and depressed during our high school years or college life. A few of us were the bullies while the others were bullied. I, myself have been critical while making friends. I won’t categories myself as a bully but at the same time I didn’t do anything when someone was bullied.

“You don’t know what goes on in anyone’s life but your own. And when you mess with one part of a person’s life, you’re not messing with just that part. Unfortunately, you can’t be that precise and selective. When you mess with one part of a person’s life, you’re messing with their entire life. Everything. . . affects everything.”

13 reasons why is one such story of a girl who was bullied in her school life in such a manner that she ended up committing suicide. Well, those who haven’t seen it yet and are planning to do so. I better warn you that you may stop reading here itself as this post would be having a few major spoilers. This Netflix series is dynamic in itself.

13 reasons why is a gripping series wherein the ways in which the13 individuals who contributed to the death of Hannah Baker had been explained. 

Its first episode gives away the plot of the story I.e. death of Hannah Baker. After that, the whole series takes us to a flashback ride through each cassatte explaining how each such contributor has caused the death of Hannah and wherein all the contributing factors are explained.

It is a story which leaves a mark on all of our minds. It showcases how a small rumour can take a toll on someone’s life. 

What is your opinion? Do you think she killed herself just because of mere bullying.

Well, I would like to correct myself as the term “mere” that is preceding bullying should not be used in this position.

Bullying itself carries a huge burdensome connotation that no one can belittle it by using a term like mere. I, myself  don’t hold such a power to categorise it in any manner.

But, being bullied is sad. No one deserves it. People who fight it off are true legends. I guess many of you may agree, Hannah Baker was not only bullied, she was scarred by witnessing a rape and subsequently being raped by a guy (acts of sexual assault). 

It is a story of how emotionally drained Hannah had become in her life and how the rape was her last breaking point.
Any sane individual would have gone into depression by witnessing such rape, bullying and lastly even believing that the death of one of the school mate Jeff was due to their own fault( for those of you who don’t know: the stop sign on a cross road falls due to the car in which Jenny (driving the car) and Hannah are seated.  Due to the fall of the stop sign, Jeff has a road accident and dies.)

Well, who won’t be scared by all of this and that too in Such a short time. Personally I would have been too. Scarred and scared to death. In Hannah’s case it was quite literally scared to death.

 When we think about it. Isint it terrifying to see that in today’s world people have an opinion such as she was asking for it or she didn’t say no clearly so I assumed a yes.

Well, for those of you who aren’t aware, a girl may not say no clearly but you can’t consider it consensual until unless a clear yes is given to you. 

Hannah Baker was a fighter. She couldn’t tell the name of the guy who did it to her councellor but she did explain him in clear words what amounted to a rape. But, the councellor was not that efficient in making her comfortable and at ease. Atleast in a manner which would have eventually saved her. Those who you thinking,yes the councellor was also on these tapes.🤔

She was isolated by these people. She was looked down upon and targetted. Her pictures were circulated and she was slut shammed (Bryce, his group members,so called student council president). Yet, she went through it all. She was a true fighter. She didn’t give up her friendship with Alex or Jessica. Even when they had given up. She always tried to protect them and cared about them truly.

She cared about Courtney too. But, it was too much when Courtney lied in order to protect herself Coming out of her closet. It was mean and was like trying to push someone else under the bus to save oneself.

 As I proceeded with the tapes I.e. the episodes I got much more intrigued, I hated the fact that, Justin(who happened to be Hannah’s first kiss and first crush; later on eventually becomes Jessica’s boyfriend and genuinely likes Jessica; happens to be Bryce’s friend and dependent on him since long) lied to his own girlfriend, jessica about how consensual the whole act was with Jessica at her party and how she wasn’t raped.

Not only that, Hannah was raped by the very same guy, Bryce. He thought highly of himself. He had to be punished for the wrongs that he did.

I liked Hannah’s mom’s character portrayal. It is so real and logical. He histerical actions were so true and hear touching that the viewer could feel the pain too. 

Lastly, the character I left to explain for the last is Tony. He wasn’t on the tapes, yet his character is the most special one. He kept his words and well, yes anyone of them could have saved her if they had given her a helping hand before it was too late.

The story showcases real life problems and how there is a need to address them.The whole series is slightly dark but it is the bitter truth that we are all witnessing in our world. In some countries it is not this brutal but in many other countries there is no set bar to such an act.

I personally feel that there is a need of sensitising the public about this issue. I got impressed with the story telling and the plot of it.

 But, in the end I seriously wished that Hannah Baker would have came back from the dead in any plausible manner or through magic. Whatever could have worked there. 

Before taking my leave, I would like to share the most lovely line of the series that got me all weepy, when Hannah had said:

” Clay your name doesn’t belong to be on this list. You are good and kind and decent and I didn’t deserve to be with someone like you.” 

Yeah…So guys..

 what is your opinion about this series? Do you all agree with me or not. If not,what is your opinion about the series.😘😂