Internet: a sick place?

Has the internet become a sick place?

Who decides what is acceptable, what constitutes to be an act of bully?

The law is at place and the regulators try their best to keep up the code and conduct around us. But to what extent can anyone act as one.

The silver lining between a bully and appreciation has disappeared in thin air.

There is no real distinction left anymore.

You all may wonder what prompts me to say this suddenly. Well, the reason is a person is getting game for singing badly. She is getting game in a manner that can be considered as being bullied in usual course of living.

Yet this is acceptable by people.not only those who act as mean or un-understanding individuals but from also those who like to keep an high air about themselves. I have also been one of these obsessed kind.

Till now, I didn’t realise that the act done by me and many like me constitutes to bullying.bullying a person who virtually expressed their emotions doesn’t make sense.

If it is bad it is bad. But, making memes, Making the other person a laughing stock. Isint justified.

I wonder when we all would become responsible enough or take up the task to set a standard manner for such purpose .

What do you think about this? Do you agree with me? If no why or if yes then reasons.

Cruel games of destiny. :P


The word itself makes you ponder about all your decisions in life. It makes me wonder, about the path I have traveled so far, what all roads I did not take while reaching the present position that I am in.

Was it all Destiny playing its cruel game? or is it still continuing to play one?

I am confused about what it is doing and how much I am webbed into it. I never believed in destiny till now but like every other person, I have held my share of doubts.

A person who is stuck in a crossroad may choose a path in that moment. But, I wonder does that make him go through a predestined path or not is debatable. I believe that to some extent it does. For example, if a person in 12 takes up Biology. As soon as he makes such a decision, he will be engulfed and absorbed into the world of medical. He has to crack the medical test. He has to study to be a doctor or a nurse or such medical assistance. Can’t we call it destined for some extent?WHATEVER IT MAY BE,

Though it is a general phenomenon, due to which exceptions mostly accompany the. BUT, WHATEVER IT MAY BE, This example of mine was indeed superficial but it just touched upon the reality of destiny. Beyond a point, it is us who create destiny.

We make choice and indeed a path is laid down but what we conveniently forget herein is that while thinking about destiny we need to consider its aspects with the reality we see as well.

I know I made a lot of changes in my original reality. I have chosen so much so far that I have changed the destiny lots of times. So, it takes me to the ironic question, as to what if the number of choices I make is also pre-destined. Acting in a vicious circle manner and considering what really destiny is and how pivotal in for everyone.


so what is your opinion herein? Is the concept of “destiny” real? Is everyone destined to do something, be something and be with someone?



New beginning 😎

The hot sun was burning far above my head, it made me sweaty and the droplets of them had already covered major part of my face. But, I made my way to the metro station. My resolve to go to the library and read books was much higher than the heat that englufed the environment.

I was sweating but I knew that it would be short lived. Atleast it will not be this torturous once I got into the metro.

So, in the sunny weather I made my way through the roads towards the station. I chose to take a rikshaw till there.

It was quite normal for me to travel till metro station and go till the required point and get down. The destination usually meant that my ‘me’ time would be coming to an end or i never had one since the start of the journey.

But, today was different. I planned it all for myself. I planned to go to the library and nothing was planned after that.

So, I got off the train, headed to the library found my section and then took a book and read it completely.

As much as a shock it was for me…I didn’t die alone…I actually liked my company. I could observe my behaviour other people’s reaction and understand myself in a better manner.

I feel this is a new start to my future all alone trips…which believe me I will be having many….

This was just a heads up that if I have a memorable trip amongst them then I will definitely share it with you all…

Till then adios.. 😘😘😘😘😘


She wore her smile on her face.

She has got a habit of doing that. But, since I am her closest friend. It was obvious to me as I could notice the minute details of her movement. I was looking at her along with the whole crowd who also happened to be cheering and shouting their lungs out and give them confidence. My friend was there at the center of that stage in the auditorium and grabbing the mic, with slightly much more strength than required. Her nervousness was evident to me just me. She was fidgeting, her hand moments were much more than usual and she was pumped with energy well excitement. She was smiling and laughing. Yet her actions gave everything away at least to me it did.

Her face had turned rosy as the music started and the cheers just seemed to have grown louder. She started blushing with the mic still on her hand. Her face with that foundation had a crease of swept on it and her lips which were covered with a layer of pink quivered a little just before she began to bring the life into the music.

The crowd grew silent as her mesmerizing voice spread in the atmosphere. Her angelic voice made them cheer a lot louder than before. I loved the fact that she was appreciated. It was the moment that made me realize as to how proud I was of her accomplishments.

You all may be wondering why the hell am I sharing all this with you. Well, it’s just that when you feel blissful. you wish to share your happiness.

I just loved the fact that she was appreciated. It was the moment that made me realize as to how proud I was of her accomplishments.

She is the ray of calmness that I hold dearly in my life. As she is another sister that I have from just another unrelated but closely related family.

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