New beginning 😎

The hot sun was burning far above my head, it made me sweaty and the droplets of them had already covered major part of my face. But, I made my way to the metro station. My resolve to go to the library and read books was much higher than the heat that englufed the environment.

I was sweating but I knew that it would be short lived. Atleast it will not be this torturous once I got into the metro.

So, in the sunny weather I made my way through the roads towards the station. I chose to take a rikshaw till there.

It was quite normal for me to travel till metro station and go till the required point and get down. The destination usually meant that my ‘me’ time would be coming to an end or i never had one since the start of the journey.

But, today was different. I planned it all for myself. I planned to go to the library and nothing was planned after that.

So, I got off the train, headed to the library found my section and then took a book and read it completely.

As much as a shock it was for me…I didn’t die alone…I actually liked my company. I could observe my behaviour other people’s reaction and understand myself in a better manner.

I feel this is a new start to my future all alone trips…which believe me I will be having many….

This was just a heads up that if I have a memorable trip amongst them then I will definitely share it with you all…

Till then adios.. 😘😘😘😘😘


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