Cruel games of destiny. :P


The word itself makes you ponder about all your decisions in life. It makes me wonder, about the path I have traveled so far, what all roads I did not take while reaching the present position that I am in.

Was it all Destiny playing its cruel game? or is it still continuing to play one?

I am confused about what it is doing and how much I am webbed into it. I never believed in destiny till now but like every other person, I have held my share of doubts.

A person who is stuck in a crossroad may choose a path in that moment. But, I wonder does that make him go through a predestined path or not is debatable. I believe that to some extent it does. For example, if a person in 12 takes up Biology. As soon as he makes such a decision, he will be engulfed and absorbed into the world of medical. He has to crack the medical test. He has to study to be a doctor or a nurse or such medical assistance. Can’t we call it destined for some extent?WHATEVER IT MAY BE,

Though it is a general phenomenon, due to which exceptions mostly accompany the. BUT, WHATEVER IT MAY BE, This example of mine was indeed superficial but it just touched upon the reality of destiny. Beyond a point, it is us who create destiny.

We make choice and indeed a path is laid down but what we conveniently forget herein is that while thinking about destiny we need to consider its aspects with the reality we see as well.

I know I made a lot of changes in my original reality. I have chosen so much so far that I have changed the destiny lots of times. So, it takes me to the ironic question, as to what if the number of choices I make is also pre-destined. Acting in a vicious circle manner and considering what really destiny is and how pivotal in for everyone.


so what is your opinion herein? Is the concept of “destiny” real? Is everyone destined to do something, be something and be with someone?



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