Internet: a sick place?

Has the internet become a sick place?

Who decides what is acceptable, what constitutes to be an act of bully?

The law is at place and the regulators try their best to keep up the code and conduct around us. But to what extent can anyone act as one.

The silver lining between a bully and appreciation has disappeared in thin air.

There is no real distinction left anymore.

You all may wonder what prompts me to say this suddenly. Well, the reason is a person is getting game for singing badly. She is getting game in a manner that can be considered as being bullied in usual course of living.

Yet this is acceptable by people.not only those who act as mean or un-understanding individuals but from also those who like to keep an high air about themselves. I have also been one of these obsessed kind.

Till now, I didn’t realise that the act done by me and many like me constitutes to bullying.bullying a person who virtually expressed their emotions doesn’t make sense.

If it is bad it is bad. But, making memes, Making the other person a laughing stock. Isint justified.

I wonder when we all would become responsible enough or take up the task to set a standard manner for such purpose .

What do you think about this? Do you agree with me? If no why or if yes then reasons.

4 thoughts on “Internet: a sick place?

    1. I saw all those memes on the internet mocking a person and all that negative comments have made the person famous.. it’s like I also hold the same mob mentality…but the realisation struck me real hardπŸ˜….. yeah people should understand this


  1. There always was, and will be a very thin line between bullying someone and humorous criticism you may call it, memes and whatlike that are famous on the Internet are just the replaced society criticism already seen in the reality, it depends on far you go with it, and how much emotions are you actually affecting.. while if you make a meme of me? while some of them would be fun for me and Ill laugh at them either as oh, thats me makes sense.. but some would be bullying me, as they are downright rude… its the perspective of the creator and the receiver which would define it :3

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    1. Yup…it’s true…I feel that is where a person needs to draw a line…like by putting themselves in the reciever’s shoe once…maybe it may change a lot of perceptions.πŸ˜‹πŸ˜…


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