A day from my life

“Placements are starting, I am so excited” she squealed before me. It was a usual state of affairs for me. Since childhood, I have seen her being crazely engrossed in school activities and music. I have known her for the past 13 years and we have become inseparable now.

She is crazy, innocent and one of her kind. The topper of our group and the most loved amongst us. Amazingly, she knows all the right chords that she needs to strike to change my mood and more often than I can imagine, she get on my nerves with ease.

 Yesterday, I crashed at her place unannounced. This was our usual set of affairs and was amazed that this crazy girl had already woke up and was engrossed in her book so much so that she didn’t know of my arrival. 5 minutes were already up when I hear her say “tu agyi” (you came) and I just gave her my classic look to state the obvious. She spaces out easily.

Now that she had me in front of her. She just forgot the book that she was holding so dearly just a few seconds ago and makes short talks with me. Until I remind her what all she had to do and how conveniently she had forgot about them.

Soon, I had to take my leave and go home. So, I take my bag and start leaving. When suddenly I find this study companion of mine also wearing shoes to leave along with me. She just says.. I don’t want to leave you so I will walk you till your home.πŸ˜‚

I scowl and pass a comment that she needs to study. But the words go unattended to. Thus I find us, walking from her place to mine. A short 10 minutes walk. I comment on how excited she is for her placements and she will do great. 

That is when she starts talking about being nervous and happy and scared at the same time. She explained me of the emotions that she was feeling. These emotions were the reason that force us to be on our toes. The emotions that make you live and cherish your achievements. She just put her heart out, throughout the walk of ours expecting me to say something or her feeling relieved. But, even after telling e everything when she couldn’t get her mind around it. I decided to tell her about us.

 one of the best memory that we could relate to the most. A trip to Chandrasheela and reaching the summit.

 All those emotions, the doubts, the uncertainties became short lived, once we made the first effort and stood up to what we believe. It helps us to gain our confidence and makes one believe in himself.

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