Weekend plans

Hello Everyone, how have you all been?

As for me, northern part of India is getting cold. Actually it’s the outset of winter. So, it’s pretty obvious that it will be cold. Anyway coming back to my thoughts.

What I feel is going to be my perfect weekend pleasure is to pamper myself and indulge in my sinful cravings of food. I know this got a lot of approval by most of you readers out there. I do agree that food is the perfect solution for all the unthinkable or thinkable problems that are out there.

But, not going there and again telling you about my perfect weekend plan. Apart from the above stated bucket-list idea is to sit quietly in my room.

A perfect get away with a warm mug of coffee/tea, fairylights that are there in my room, a book interesting one (do suggest me if you have any in your mind; I have got the Kindle, yuppy) and just this.

This is the topmost best weekend getaway that I wish to have and would be accomplishing this weekend itself. But, then there are other ways too🤔 that would be going out alone on a date with myself. I will surely do that next week😂
I know this sounds kind of silly, but now that we are in such a fast paced world. A few moments for yourself would never do you harm. Yes, this reminds me yoga is also a need now for a peaceful and not sooo stressful existence. So, yes we need to work hard and be satisfied with the way we are. 

This was just my way of telling you that I will take an initiative towards myself. Maybe reding this up can give out the same boost to do this for yourself.

Think about it and obviously, keep reading and commenting.😂

5 thoughts on “Weekend plans

      1. @guinevere dominic I read it and completed it yesterday night. It left an impact on my mind.. your genre of interest seems interesting. Can you suggest me a few more readings?;-)


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