A New Year

Hello friends, 

wish you a healthy and prosperous new year. Like everyother blog post or Facebook message, I have also thought of boiling this all down to what I have gained this year and the immense loss that came along with it.

2017 was lively, brighter and a reality check for me. I chose a few and lost many. I grew up or was forced to grow up because of the situation.

I started reading novels and indeed I will go through all the recommendations one by one.( Sorry that I am a very slow reader)

Life is ironically still happening to us all. Stress, fear, love, hardship everything has been mixed together and presented to me in a platter.  From a point of ecstatic feeling, I have been down a few road blocks.

This year, I experienced spring different from any other previous ones. It brought glow, happiness and freshness in the environment that made it cheerful and something to look forward to. 

As the ear had ended, the winter lay storming through the night.(not really stormy but it was chily and shivering like cold) ;P Cold and windy as it blew and continuous to blow through out the night.

So, 2017 came to an end and it’s just a begining.i  feel that 2018 is something to look forward for. Hence, I  chose to sit in a rollercoaster ride though not a wise decision but it’s still worth a try.

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