My Sister as my support 😚

I am happy. Happy after a long time. Happy not because all my not so perfect moments have come to an end.  It is not so. To put it into words, is weird. As it is just a feeling. A Feeling that I have encountered after a long time. 

I have in the past, looked down upon myself, had a phase of self pitying myself and much more. But, whatever it was. I am sure that I still have long way before I completely walk away from it 

I will surely work hard throughout the path. I was lucky enough to have my sister as a companion during this creepy phase of mine. Who seems unaffected by all my crazy tactics or ideas. She makes me a better person, she makes me sing loudly in public, dance to any favourite song being played anywhere in a mall  and acknowledge and accept the kind of clothes that may  suit me without making me conscious about people.

You all may think  that I am usually talking about one person or the other. Well, it is true that I do this alot. But another truth is that all these people are so much involved in my life that I can’t have a story where any of these individuals don’t play a part. They are the main characters of my life plot and the return of my sister in my life has resulted in a positive manner for me.
Making  me guess that she is one of the essential contributing factors for my happiness. 🙂


A day from my life

“Placements are starting, I am so excited” she squealed before me. It was a usual state of affairs for me. Since childhood, I have seen her being crazely engrossed in school activities and music. I have known her for the past 13 years and we have become inseparable now.

She is crazy, innocent and one of her kind. The topper of our group and the most loved amongst us. Amazingly, she knows all the right chords that she needs to strike to change my mood and more often than I can imagine, she get on my nerves with ease.

 Yesterday, I crashed at her place unannounced. This was our usual set of affairs and was amazed that this crazy girl had already woke up and was engrossed in her book so much so that she didn’t know of my arrival. 5 minutes were already up when I hear her say “tu agyi” (you came) and I just gave her my classic look to state the obvious. She spaces out easily.

Now that she had me in front of her. She just forgot the book that she was holding so dearly just a few seconds ago and makes short talks with me. Until I remind her what all she had to do and how conveniently she had forgot about them.

Soon, I had to take my leave and go home. So, I take my bag and start leaving. When suddenly I find this study companion of mine also wearing shoes to leave along with me. She just says.. I don’t want to leave you so I will walk you till your home.😂

I scowl and pass a comment that she needs to study. But the words go unattended to. Thus I find us, walking from her place to mine. A short 10 minutes walk. I comment on how excited she is for her placements and she will do great. 

That is when she starts talking about being nervous and happy and scared at the same time. She explained me of the emotions that she was feeling. These emotions were the reason that force us to be on our toes. The emotions that make you live and cherish your achievements. She just put her heart out, throughout the walk of ours expecting me to say something or her feeling relieved. But, even after telling e everything when she couldn’t get her mind around it. I decided to tell her about us.

 one of the best memory that we could relate to the most. A trip to Chandrasheela and reaching the summit.

 All those emotions, the doubts, the uncertainties became short lived, once we made the first effort and stood up to what we believe. It helps us to gain our confidence and makes one believe in himself.

Internet: a sick place?

Has the internet become a sick place?

Who decides what is acceptable, what constitutes to be an act of bully?

The law is at place and the regulators try their best to keep up the code and conduct around us. But to what extent can anyone act as one.

The silver lining between a bully and appreciation has disappeared in thin air.

There is no real distinction left anymore.

You all may wonder what prompts me to say this suddenly. Well, the reason is a person is getting game for singing badly. She is getting game in a manner that can be considered as being bullied in usual course of living.

Yet this is acceptable by people.not only those who act as mean or un-understanding individuals but from also those who like to keep an high air about themselves. I have also been one of these obsessed kind.

Till now, I didn’t realise that the act done by me and many like me constitutes to bullying.bullying a person who virtually expressed their emotions doesn’t make sense.

If it is bad it is bad. But, making memes, Making the other person a laughing stock. Isint justified.

I wonder when we all would become responsible enough or take up the task to set a standard manner for such purpose .

What do you think about this? Do you agree with me? If no why or if yes then reasons.

Cruel games of destiny. :P


The word itself makes you ponder about all your decisions in life. It makes me wonder, about the path I have traveled so far, what all roads I did not take while reaching the present position that I am in.

Was it all Destiny playing its cruel game? or is it still continuing to play one?

I am confused about what it is doing and how much I am webbed into it. I never believed in destiny till now but like every other person, I have held my share of doubts.

A person who is stuck in a crossroad may choose a path in that moment. But, I wonder does that make him go through a predestined path or not is debatable. I believe that to some extent it does. For example, if a person in 12 takes up Biology. As soon as he makes such a decision, he will be engulfed and absorbed into the world of medical. He has to crack the medical test. He has to study to be a doctor or a nurse or such medical assistance. Can’t we call it destined for some extent?WHATEVER IT MAY BE,

Though it is a general phenomenon, due to which exceptions mostly accompany the. BUT, WHATEVER IT MAY BE, This example of mine was indeed superficial but it just touched upon the reality of destiny. Beyond a point, it is us who create destiny.

We make choice and indeed a path is laid down but what we conveniently forget herein is that while thinking about destiny we need to consider its aspects with the reality we see as well.

I know I made a lot of changes in my original reality. I have chosen so much so far that I have changed the destiny lots of times. So, it takes me to the ironic question, as to what if the number of choices I make is also pre-destined. Acting in a vicious circle manner and considering what really destiny is and how pivotal in for everyone.


so what is your opinion herein? Is the concept of “destiny” real? Is everyone destined to do something, be something and be with someone?



New beginning 😎

The hot sun was burning far above my head, it made me sweaty and the droplets of them had already covered major part of my face. But, I made my way to the metro station. My resolve to go to the library and read books was much higher than the heat that englufed the environment.

I was sweating but I knew that it would be short lived. Atleast it will not be this torturous once I got into the metro.

So, in the sunny weather I made my way through the roads towards the station. I chose to take a rikshaw till there.

It was quite normal for me to travel till metro station and go till the required point and get down. The destination usually meant that my ‘me’ time would be coming to an end or i never had one since the start of the journey.

But, today was different. I planned it all for myself. I planned to go to the library and nothing was planned after that.

So, I got off the train, headed to the library found my section and then took a book and read it completely.

As much as a shock it was for me…I didn’t die alone…I actually liked my company. I could observe my behaviour other people’s reaction and understand myself in a better manner.

I feel this is a new start to my future all alone trips…which believe me I will be having many….

This was just a heads up that if I have a memorable trip amongst them then I will definitely share it with you all…

Till then adios.. 😘😘😘😘😘


She wore her smile on her face.

She has got a habit of doing that. But, since I am her closest friend. It was obvious to me as I could notice the minute details of her movement. I was looking at her along with the whole crowd who also happened to be cheering and shouting their lungs out and give them confidence. My friend was there at the center of that stage in the auditorium and grabbing the mic, with slightly much more strength than required. Her nervousness was evident to me just me. She was fidgeting, her hand moments were much more than usual and she was pumped with energy well excitement. She was smiling and laughing. Yet her actions gave everything away at least to me it did.

Her face had turned rosy as the music started and the cheers just seemed to have grown louder. She started blushing with the mic still on her hand. Her face with that foundation had a crease of swept on it and her lips which were covered with a layer of pink quivered a little just before she began to bring the life into the music.

The crowd grew silent as her mesmerizing voice spread in the atmosphere. Her angelic voice made them cheer a lot louder than before. I loved the fact that she was appreciated. It was the moment that made me realize as to how proud I was of her accomplishments.

You all may be wondering why the hell am I sharing all this with you. Well, it’s just that when you feel blissful. you wish to share your happiness.

I just loved the fact that she was appreciated. It was the moment that made me realize as to how proud I was of her accomplishments.

She is the ray of calmness that I hold dearly in my life. As she is another sister that I have from just another unrelated but closely related family.

via Daily Prompt: Pink

My take on the series: 13 reasons why 

We all have been happy, crazy, stupid and depressed during our high school years or college life. A few of us were the bullies while the others were bullied. I, myself have been critical while making friends. I won’t categories myself as a bully but at the same time I didn’t do anything when someone was bullied.

“You don’t know what goes on in anyone’s life but your own. And when you mess with one part of a person’s life, you’re not messing with just that part. Unfortunately, you can’t be that precise and selective. When you mess with one part of a person’s life, you’re messing with their entire life. Everything. . . affects everything.”

13 reasons why is one such story of a girl who was bullied in her school life in such a manner that she ended up committing suicide. Well, those who haven’t seen it yet and are planning to do so. I better warn you that you may stop reading here itself as this post would be having a few major spoilers. This Netflix series is dynamic in itself.

13 reasons why is a gripping series wherein the ways in which the13 individuals who contributed to the death of Hannah Baker had been explained. 

Its first episode gives away the plot of the story I.e. death of Hannah Baker. After that, the whole series takes us to a flashback ride through each cassatte explaining how each such contributor has caused the death of Hannah and wherein all the contributing factors are explained.

It is a story which leaves a mark on all of our minds. It showcases how a small rumour can take a toll on someone’s life. 

What is your opinion? Do you think she killed herself just because of mere bullying.

Well, I would like to correct myself as the term “mere” that is preceding bullying should not be used in this position.

Bullying itself carries a huge burdensome connotation that no one can belittle it by using a term like mere. I, myself  don’t hold such a power to categorise it in any manner.

But, being bullied is sad. No one deserves it. People who fight it off are true legends. I guess many of you may agree, Hannah Baker was not only bullied, she was scarred by witnessing a rape and subsequently being raped by a guy (acts of sexual assault). 

It is a story of how emotionally drained Hannah had become in her life and how the rape was her last breaking point.
Any sane individual would have gone into depression by witnessing such rape, bullying and lastly even believing that the death of one of the school mate Jeff was due to their own fault( for those of you who don’t know: the stop sign on a cross road falls due to the car in which Jenny (driving the car) and Hannah are seated.  Due to the fall of the stop sign, Jeff has a road accident and dies.)

Well, who won’t be scared by all of this and that too in Such a short time. Personally I would have been too. Scarred and scared to death. In Hannah’s case it was quite literally scared to death.

 When we think about it. Isint it terrifying to see that in today’s world people have an opinion such as she was asking for it or she didn’t say no clearly so I assumed a yes.

Well, for those of you who aren’t aware, a girl may not say no clearly but you can’t consider it consensual until unless a clear yes is given to you. 

Hannah Baker was a fighter. She couldn’t tell the name of the guy who did it to her councellor but she did explain him in clear words what amounted to a rape. But, the councellor was not that efficient in making her comfortable and at ease. Atleast in a manner which would have eventually saved her. Those who you thinking,yes the councellor was also on these tapes.🤔

She was isolated by these people. She was looked down upon and targetted. Her pictures were circulated and she was slut shammed (Bryce, his group members,so called student council president). Yet, she went through it all. She was a true fighter. She didn’t give up her friendship with Alex or Jessica. Even when they had given up. She always tried to protect them and cared about them truly.

She cared about Courtney too. But, it was too much when Courtney lied in order to protect herself Coming out of her closet. It was mean and was like trying to push someone else under the bus to save oneself.

 As I proceeded with the tapes I.e. the episodes I got much more intrigued, I hated the fact that, Justin(who happened to be Hannah’s first kiss and first crush; later on eventually becomes Jessica’s boyfriend and genuinely likes Jessica; happens to be Bryce’s friend and dependent on him since long) lied to his own girlfriend, jessica about how consensual the whole act was with Jessica at her party and how she wasn’t raped.

Not only that, Hannah was raped by the very same guy, Bryce. He thought highly of himself. He had to be punished for the wrongs that he did.

I liked Hannah’s mom’s character portrayal. It is so real and logical. He histerical actions were so true and hear touching that the viewer could feel the pain too. 

Lastly, the character I left to explain for the last is Tony. He wasn’t on the tapes, yet his character is the most special one. He kept his words and well, yes anyone of them could have saved her if they had given her a helping hand before it was too late.

The story showcases real life problems and how there is a need to address them.The whole series is slightly dark but it is the bitter truth that we are all witnessing in our world. In some countries it is not this brutal but in many other countries there is no set bar to such an act.

I personally feel that there is a need of sensitising the public about this issue. I got impressed with the story telling and the plot of it.

 But, in the end I seriously wished that Hannah Baker would have came back from the dead in any plausible manner or through magic. Whatever could have worked there. 

Before taking my leave, I would like to share the most lovely line of the series that got me all weepy, when Hannah had said:

” Clay your name doesn’t belong to be on this list. You are good and kind and decent and I didn’t deserve to be with someone like you.” 

Yeah…So guys..

 what is your opinion about this series? Do you all agree with me or not. If not,what is your opinion about the series.😘😂

Me, memory and my future

The amazing aspect of memory is its ability to over write. Life teaches you so many things and memory helps you to dig the ground n bury it away. It sometimes takes a day, a month or even an year. The amazing ability of us to forget is crazy. With each passage of day we can either be stuck at the very moment in which we got hurt or just buckle up and fight for the coming days. 

It may be an incident related to your private life or your professional one. But, what I have learnt is that we can never give up. As the next moment may turn out to be a knocking opportunity that you have been looking for the whole while. 

I have been busy for a past few days. Busy in giving myself way too importance. Actually, it was not just me but people around me too. I gave them way too importance. So much so that I had to decipher what their ulterior motives were for a petty act as well. I have stopped doing that.

  It has taken immense amount of courage from my side or stupidity to realise that I am just a person out of crores living out there and I have a long way to go before people give me enough importance that I thought I could be associated with and till then I have to work upon myself and then only I can have a responsibility towards myself in understanding how I will be coping with it when I will be that much important. 

P.s. a goal for myself: I will work hard to be an important figure.


Tick tock tick tock..the time just makes you feel it’s presence all the time. Each moment since I have been assigned to participate for my competition, it has been a struggle for me. 

I love being a leader but at the same time, it can be exhilarating. Believe me I am not kidding when I say this. It can be torturous but the only solace that I can find in its relation is that I have not got any dumb partners. Yes, it is a team working together and participating competition but it is annoying. Ironically I never chose the role that I have been playing for a while now. I am good believe me I am. Given that I was able to make some laid back souls to work on it and get a result within the stipulated time limit but the knowledge of not choosing the part voluntarily kills me. I expected more of a middle man role wherein I was having a supportive role.

 But since, history has a tendency to repeat itself. This time in the competition I again have to work for the issues I didn’t sign up for. I say am not cribbing but I am cribbing because I have stopped understanding the meaning of work ethics, responsibility and team spirit. 

Expecting perfection and achieving it are two separate concepts. It will be a while before I can attain the same. But, sometimes sadly transparency cannot help you to achieve the same. This time also we may not be able to win the best written submission for my competition but all I will ever feel bad about is having the resources and yet not utilising to its utmost capabilities.

 I hope that we do well but that must even include walking upto the position wherein improvement is visible in each one of us rather than concentration of work on one individual in place of it we must learn the concept of division of labour and lastly, timely efficiency is what I wish each one of us can possess in our lives.

Puppy <3

Hey! It has been too long since my last post. How have you all been?….I missed not posting anything here. But, I guess I have got the best story that I can share proudly with you all and I hope that it is relatable to most of you too…:) So the story of how the day unfolded wherein the important happening started in this manner:

I bunked my class(college),i.e. my last lecture of the day just before my presentation to have fun with friends. But, just as I was about to reach the park near my college I saw this cute puppy. He was too young to survive the cold temperature of Delhi and it literally broke my heart to leave him stranded to death.

I luckily had enough time to take him to a friend’s place and leave him there for the time being and thankfully my friend and his friends were intelligent enough to get puppy some warm clothes and make a small bed for him out of a shoe box .when the puppy started shivering. I rushed back to his place as soon as my presentation was done and was more than happy to see my puppy all cuddled up and sleeping like a log in his newly made bed. Since it was a temporary home, I just couldn’t extend my friends favor more than I should have and therefore, I started looking for shelter homes for the puppy.

I had to take him to a shelter home. He was too young and needed a home. Sadly, I could not take him to my place because of my own pet and his insecurities to have a companion.( Fluffy is very nice and sweet but a little possessive)  So I asked for help from literally everyone i.e. the people I talk to on a daily basis and people who I have never ever spoken to. But sadly most of them were either busy or not that helpful. So, I and my friend tried to find him a home in a nearby shelter for pets.

With the help of my friends, I  got a cab till the shelter home.

The whole ride he (the puppy) slept in my arms and I finally dropped him off at the shelter home. He instantly made friends there. All other dogs and puppies seemed to have liked him and accepted him with such a kind heart that I was almost in tears. He became friends with each one of them.

I knew him for just a short while but the puppy was very nice. I did not wish to leave him at all. He was an angel that too a very cute one.