What I want😂

​What do I want

I want prosperity not only for myself but everyone around me

I want to have positive aura engulfing me always

I want sadness as something that can be defeated with ease

I want people to believe in sweetness, have some faith in others, to fall without a fear of anything

I want to have the smile that oozes out the happiness I feel in my heart

I want to believe the world is beautiful

I want to see a society which is amazing in itself and not rude or changing themselves just because some other person has hurt them

I want to believe that my belief is in not wavered

But what I want the most is to see a smile on all those faces I have got carved inside my heart even if it is on the expense of my happiness 

Since my happiness won’t ever be less by their success

I want to see this small world within the world to be happy and spread prosperity.

Merry Christmas everyone

I wish the same for you all.

My wants will be happy to receive a few of your additions to be added in these list as well 😘😘😅😅😁



Alot more than just an acquaintance


Friends care..they are there when you need them and they are there when you haven’t even voiced out that they are needed. 

I have always been in a protective shell and never really felt lonely or sad. I had the benefit of living a life where my family and friends surrounded me always. So, yeah as weird as it may seem. I after these many years of living am experiencing a life where you have to enjoy ones own company. I was bored the first two days indulging in WhatsApp and looking out to talk to people.(irrespective of who they were) 

Some of my friends who I have grown close these past months and who have known me for a while asked me about how I have been and I shared what I felt but what amazes me is as to how sweet  friends can be.

One planned to come to my place, other dropped in without even a proper notice,   another one has got snacks for me and another got me an app which gives you discount on food.(yeah,I can be considered as technologically handicapped person)

So these people who I always thought that I am their pillar proved me wrong by showing how dependent I am on them.

I really adore you people

Love, me😝

Spontaneity and me!!

​We have all created preconceived beliefs for ourselves.

We have to act in a certain manner, look in a certain manner and especially behave in a proper manner.

Once we have decided it for ourselves it takes alot of courage or boldness to change it. A few are really bold and appreciate it. They embrace it with pride and the others like me think alot before taking the big step.

Haircut is never a big deal. It is just a matter of time that it grows back.But ask a person who has grown it for 17 years and tried real hard to maintain it. Suggest them to get it cut. Some bold people will readily agree to it if they feel like doing it while  others consist of people like me.

I weighed the possibility for a long time.(longgg time, yes for a damn haircut.it was thought over and over again)

Yes, it may seem silly to some. IT IS A BIG DEAL for me.

To go through the whole idea I.e. execute it I had to make a spontaneous decision.

Act on it asap

Not giving it another thought after I came up with the idea that evening. All my thoughts were moving rapidly and trying hard to pull me towards the opposite side..away from salon..away from insanity. Yet somehow that day I found myself walking properly on the ground and not even giving up on it.

It had to happen.

And I had to go through it

Not that it was a big deal but it was a change that would help me grow. Understand myself and that eventhough change is constant it is not always bad.

It passes by.

Even If it was a good change it will pass and if it was a bad one it will also come to an end. The only difference is that one memory will be treasured and the other will be deleted from our hard drive.(seriously, brain is such an amazing part it has the capacity to delete the not so required memory and stores what is useful)

So I went ahead and got it done. It is a Bob cut now my hair is above my neck line and yes I survived it. I am happy for this small achievement of mine. It gave me confidence that I will grow out of any change that will be coming towards me. The storm will calm down and I will be unhurt or even if I am hurt I will not be disheveled by it.

 Grow out of it.. ( I did sulk about it for a short while but then I decided to embrace it as it is)😝


Break: from an unplanned situation😅

​What makes you happy?

What is your few minutes get away from a daily tight schedule.

I read an article regarding the same and the writer had explained each of her favourite get away leisurely and exhaustively.(atleast it was much more detailed so yeah I consider it exhaustive enough)

I was wondering what can be considered as my “kit-kat break”. It led me to ponder about the same for a while before I could decide certain habits of mine that provide solace to my sometimes going too much over the top kind of life.

The article provided some food to my thoughts while lasted for a long time.( Believe me thinking about a specific thing for a while is equivalent to investing alot of time into thinking which is tiring😜)

 So here I was thinking about the specific tasks that have to be undertaken by me to have a smooth day ahead of me when the start wasn’t so cool. Especially when it is related to me. My spontaneity makes me pay much more than what I bargained for. I react to it without thinking,make it worse and then cry about it. In the end I work out what I really need to do. So a person like me is in dire need of this get away ideas.

The first and foremost of it is I guess Ice cream. My all time favourite.Even if I m sad or things go haywire I feel that an ice cream can solve it. I love ice cream its the only thing that I have  proper sweet tooth for. It is the remedy for my heart aches that are generally caused due to my exam going not as planned, friends,internship or anything and everything.
Other than that I guess I can spend time with my pet, fluffy. He has grown along with me for the past 12 years. So, he knows when I am sad and whenever he feels I am sad he is there. Dogs are really humans best friend. He is an amazing companion especially during these moments.

Or I guess I can even go on a crazy binge watching session of any funny show or a romantic one(die hard romantic, my friend introduced me to anime world so those work for me as well😜). I usually watch thr whole series in a go or try my best to complete it asap. I even have a huge crush on the main lead and as always they never ever disappoint you.(since one of my criteria while watching them also stresses on the fact of them being Good looking. It is for most of the movies not all though😝)

Other than that i can even sketch or paint any painting that seems good or atleast try to paint it. (Even if my day sucked.i don’t know how but I get  this immense patience from out of nowhere specially when it is related to sketching. Not that am a professional but I feel am good enough)

Last but not the least I have the capability of  sleeping it off. 😂

I realised my few day makers. my first aid service in case of an unplanned unbelievable day.

So what do u think is your favourite activity when you are in need of a much needed break

III Days III Quotes Challenge #Day1

day 1.jpeg



Deboleena is an amazing blogger and her creative skills just never stop impressing me. Deboleena Biswas is  <3. Check her out.

The kind soul who keeps me engaged every now and helps me be a part of  the blogging world(taking time from the college life..phew it was tiring) and always nominate me into writing things.

Semester came to an end and here I got a glimpse of hope when she tagged me again to be a part of yet again an amazing challenge. I hope you all like it and feel free to write about it. I have universally tagged you(if there is something like that):p

So the  III Quotes challenge. Here we go…… 😛


  1. Three quote for three days.
  2. Three nominees each day (no repetition).
  3. Thank the person who nominated you.
  4. Inform the nominees.

The first quote for my first day is from a poem :

“If you can make one heap of all your winnings
And risk it all on one turn of pitch-and-toss,
And lose, and start again at your beginnings
And never breathe a word about your loss”

-IF by Robert Forst.

As per rules I now need to nominate 3 bloggers.




This quote gives me a lot of courage and motivation. The whole poem is amazing. I suggest all of you must take some of your time out and read it. It gives you the desire to walk forward unnerved by whatever situation that you may face.

Here is the link: http://www.businessballs.com/ifpoemrudyardkipling.htm

For your convenience. Please read the poem. It is amazing ❤


Dwelling into my emotions😁






All these words hold different meanings in each of our lives. Some fight it off by dozing of into a slumber, some by gaming it out and the rest like me we are the kind who repeat it. We go in circles and circles till we get what we achieve. For me it has been this way. I screwed up sometimes and sometimes I achieved things. The only constant throughout it was all these factors that engulfed within me and made me me. I may sound weird. It may not make sense. But this fear that makes me continue makes me feel strong and yet it makes me walk a road I know with a fear in the back of my mind. I hesitate about everything. I do. I am proud of it and yet I m scared about it. An exam that we have been repeatedly subjected to can still make me go all blank and Shiver with fear. What is the worst that can happen at this moment? I will flunk. I will be flunking end of it. So what?  Why have I associated it with something and consider it to be the worst. I have my fear of flunking becuz I fear I won’t get up. I will not be able to be what I wish to be in this competitive world cuz once Il fall no matter the no. Of people who r there to pick me up I myself won’t be able to get up. Thats what I believe and that’s what I fear.

An unnamed typhoon

Hello Everyone! 😊 

Wish you all a very happy Diwali😊😊

How are you all? 

Well, I am back with my messy head and this is the best place where I can  put it into words.

Its great when we have clear thoughts and find numerous reasons to pen them down. But I don’t know since a couple of days I am unable to write or concentrate on anything. I tried my best to read, study, work upon the reasons of my inability to concentrate but just can’t get through it.

FOCUS. I tried it as well. Think of my aim, my love for my profession and everything. But nothing can solve my problem.

Someone had stated it right. To succeed in life you need to have great emotional health.  I don’t know what my emotional state is. I have had alot of fights with my friends due to my blunt presentation of facts, not standing upto their expectations and not doing what I ought to have done and much more. I don’t know how to solve it. Its like I solve one issue and the other one pops as a replacement for it. 

Firstly, I have been a dreamer and I wish to achieve alot. I know they also feel the same about themselves. But, unlike them I am still deciding about what path I truly want to pursue and how I wish to see myself few years down the lane. I have tried to explain but sometimes it just seems going all in vain. Moreover, all the justification that I provide to them makes them feel as if it’s an excuse. So I stopped explaining altogether. Since, I was tired and just can’t explain them each time I acted in a certain manner and my reason behind it.

Secondly, I love them. I like them all and yes I do priorties a few over the others but it is done because those few are closer to me than everyone else. They have seen me grow up and have seen my worst. 

That doesn’t mean I don’t care about my other friends. I appreciate them equally they are also prioritised in a different manner. They just have been segregated under different heads but hold the same value. But, well I am done explaining I m just tired about every action I have taken so far or will be taking  in the future.

Thirdly, I crib and will a lot about Perry issues. I expect my Friends to hear it out because sometimes ignorance cannot be considered as a bliss and censoring a part of me would make me feel censored as whole. Since, each word I say first has to go through a filter in order to ensure no one is offended by it. This angered me. 

So, I  just run away from everything. I had delete WhatsApp and just vanished for a few days. All this holdiyas season was just the cherry on the top kind of opportunity for me. So I took my time off, a break from everyone and returned today. 

Did anything change in just 3-4days.? Well,i don’t know about my friends but my state of mind has improved. I am more relaxed than I was before. But, yet what remains a mystery to me is how to gain back the concentration that I have somehow lost during this whole happening. 

This makes me wonder, am I completely over it or not😅

Moreover, I realised I am looking for my true self. The person I am or at least the person I wish to become. I have been basing my personality basing it on how other’s feel about me. This struggle to find my true self and not be lonely about the same is what leading this kind of transformation that I as well as others around me are witnessing. At least that’s what I feel like.

P.S. At least I succeeded in writing my  thoughts properly today. I have gained back something at least. Since,afew days ago when a friend of mine had suggested me to write about something I just couldn’t think about the topic and even after getting a suggestion about the topic from another friend of mine. I just couldn’t bring myself to write it down in the manner I wished to. It made me sad that made me feel maybe I have lost my interest in it altogether or I became devoid of my ability all of a sudden but luckily, I am at least sure about this one thing that I have still got it in me and I am able to pen down what I feel 

P.P.S. these are just my thoughts I hope you can relate with them or enjoy.

Time flies by

Deck of cards placed one over the other can perfectly explain the existence of numerous unexplainable phases of one’s life. 

I was hospitalized 2 years ago on his very same day due to being diagnosed of Dengue. It was a bitter sweet experience which helped me grow stronger and come in terms of many of my childish fears that I had grown within me since my childhood. It was 2 years ago. Too long to even remember what happened during the time😪

I wasn’t the only one who was hospitalized during this period. I was accompanied to this building that looked like a five star hotel for all those people visiting you. But for you it is painful and the worst kind place to be in. I never feared for my health atleast not as much as I did about my dad. He is cool and stronger. Never scared or affected just because of having some sickness like this. I still remember that when my blood results had come out,mom started crying and went all into her panicky mode and well, dad he doesn’t show it normally but he agreed to be hospitalized together just because I also ended up having it. 

I remember crying in the hospital for hours and hours just because I feared what would be happening to dad. I have been a weak child since forever so, it didn’t affect me that much and ir really didn’t care how I would be ending up. Apart from the fact that not being visited by many so called friends or atleast not being asked by many about how I have been and the reason for my absence from College. I became subdued and constrained to a few of the people I genuinely care about or those who care about me.

Ironically, two years have passed and this very day which I had supposedly spent in the hospital 2 years ago has returned with a fresh kind of health nuisance concerning me. Establishing my doubts regarding the viciousness of life and its circular re visiting nature in our own lives.

The tag of 8

I am soo sorry for posting it this late🤔🐒

Thank you Greenpeace for nominating me for the Tag of 8s. Thanks bro!!

Anyone who don’t know who she is. Kindly check her blog out. She writes well and moreover, it comes from.her heart.😘

8 TV Shows I love Watching!

  1. Prison break
  2. Castle
  3. White collar
  4. Gilmore girls
  5. The good wife
  6. Grey’s anatomy
  7. Awkward
  8. Melissa and joey

8 Favourite Places to Eat

  1. Hutkar
  2. Wengers
  3. Barbeque nation
  4. Mr. Brown
  5. Home😘
  6. Friend’s tiffin box
  7. Vintage avenue🐒

8 Things I look forward to

  1. Views on my blog posts
  2. Roaming with friends!(haven’t been able to low on budget and owe alot of parties😅)
  3. Reading alot of books
  4. Library
  5. Sketching😁
  6. Sleep❤
  7. Planning a trip

Things I’m passionate about

  1. Reading
  2. Sleeping
  3. Blogging
  4. Talking about random happenings
  5. Being crazy with Friends
  6. Listening to songs
  7. Going out for walks

8 Phrases I use often

  1. Oii
  2. Yes bro!
  3. Dafuc
  4. Knuckles
  5. Yup

8 things I’ve learnt from the past

  1. Try out new stuff.
  2. Things happen for a reason.
  3. Always have a goal in mind.
  4. Be crazy with Friends. Even if things go wrong they will stick with you
  5. Take time to gather your issues and share them. You will know the answer of your problem easily.
  6. Have patience. It is easy to loose cool
  7. Try your best to make amends. You don’t know what may come knocking at your door
  8. Believe that time changes everything. Good times will come after a dark night

8 Places I would Love to visit

  1. Ladakh
  2. North East, India 
  3.  South, India
  4. (Hometown)Hyderabad(till death do us apart)
  5. Rome
  6. Bali
  7. Andaman and Nicobar
  8. Any beach 😍

I would like to nominate 

1. Deboleena

2. Crossgear nemesis

3. Anyone else who wishes to write regarding the same😅😅😊😊


​We, humans have a very bad habit of appreciating things only after we have lost them. Their value in our lives remains the same but our outlook changes. Even if things go in a manner we expect them to go and we start living a life we wish to live or they go haywire and we start living a life that is filled with landmines. We realise what we have truly left behind. I had spent about 8 years at my previous residence. It was amazing and did I ever wonder that i would be leaving it ever.🤔 I guess that never came to my mind. I remember myself growing over there, making friends and making my own small world without any worries of what may lay ahead in my life. Now, I know that it was truly not an ever lasting experience. But, nonetheless, each passing moment has been a memory that I as an individual have presented to my future self. So, as I look back now I wonder as to how to make my journey a tale  worth to be told to others? 
The see-saw moment of our lives makes us grow and many a times it may even make us outgrow ourselves.So, what surety can a person provide that tomorrow would be brighter, more colourful or  enlightened?  What can we look up for?
In my opinion indeed the darkest days of our life has made us the person that we are today. They have been the stepping stones of our lives . Moreover, the rollercoaster ride and its uncertainty has made it all the more important for us to live in the moment irrespective of how good or bad it may be.
The future has always been uncertain. It is the way that it ought to be. No one can change it and Well, no one can stop living just to have a stable life.
I have grown so much over these last few years that I am pretty amazed myself. Did I remain to be the person I was a few years ago?
Obviously no. I have grown to be stronger, weaker, live upto challenges, fail in too many challenges, fall, like, be heartbroken, hurt, cried and I don’t know what more. But, all these have mixed up and blended so well that I turned out to be the result that many and even you who may be reading this post can see or read about.
I don’t know what really has led me to write about appreciating the lives we lead and everything that we are in. As a person who can step out of my own shoes and have a third person perspective about the whole issue feel that we can be what we wished ourselves to be. All that is required for us to do is give it some time.
I have been a person who gets nervous even if I am good at something. I have had an issue of lack of confidence since long time. But, now I fight it everyday, every single day. I have turned into a person I wished to be. Not only that just by crossing the first checkpoint now I have got a clear road of what lies ahead. Atleast the presence of another checkpoint being close enough can be felt from the point I seem to stand now. Not only in my professional life(student life), I have tried to inculcate the same in my personal life as well. i have told people what I feel about them whether like or hate since one cannot and must not live a life with a regret of not doing something out of just a feeling of being a coward.
I just wish to motivate many out there that life is worth taking risk, going an extra mile once in a while, breaking the glass ceilings in your lives, stepping out of the horizon that has been provided because all that matters at the end of the day is what you have become and how you chose to risk everything to live as much as you can and not on how you sneaked into your little room the moment you saw an approaching problem.

Lastly, It must be remembered that those who reached the pinnacle of success had also started their journey from the bottom of the hill as well.

I hope you enjoyed reading the same.