GOOD old days :) :)

Well! Today all I did was ponder about how time flies by and all we do is just wonder how it went by too fast. Generally, everything gives you some time to adjust but time itself is such a powerful tool that it itself doesn’t  let you be prepared for it to change. The small old CLOCK on the wall is the same, its needles are the same, the motion that it takes is also the same but at the same time, it is so so different.

It seems as if it was just days ago that I lived a carefree school life and the only tension that I ever used to get was about my exams or wishing that my teacher is absent on a particular day.  With the start fo my college life, it seems the responsibilities have increased manifolds.  I wish to achieve big goals in my life and adding on to the will to succeed has also increased due the expectations of my parents. My room has changed, my school has changed everything is changing. But ironical enough, the CLOCK still remains such a useful part of us as it was years ago. Giving us such a huge lesson in life about time healing everything and how the precious time just passes by.

-Scribledree 🙂


12 thoughts on “GOOD old days :) :)

  1. I loved your very insightful blog post! It’s interesting how the clock has stayed the same, while our perceptions of time have changed over the years~

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